Strength and Rasa Kashi competition || Govt Higher Secondary School Mooch vs Kot Belian High School

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Hello my dear #hive and #3speak community hope you all will be happy and fine
in this video , i am going to sharing with you, Strength and Rasa Kashi competition || Govt Higher Secondary School Mooch vs Kot Belian High School Date 20 November 2023.. Sports Gala 2023.







Every year there are different level of sports competitions. These competitions start in November every year. First of all, the competitions are held at the zone level between the primary and high schools, then the sports competitions are held between the elementary and high schools in various sports. Held In this video today there was a competition of strength and tug of war which my city team won easily. This is a very interesting video.

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Wow sir great competition Rasa Kashi Shakti competition.Organized great competition in sunny environment.Good to see.Enjoying time with students.

Rasa Kashi ka competitions were very interesting, there was total 6 teams all team had powerful players, that great sports, thank you dear for enjoying my this vlog

Wow sir, what can I say to you, yesterday we played the match of your words and today we played the game of tug of war which greatly increases the competition among children.

haha yes tug of war between power full boys,, it was really very amazing competations and, you liked dear brother, thank you so much

Mooch is my favorite team well done mooch player

Thank ypu.From where are you ? Mochh team was expert in this tug of war

I belong to trikhel sir

Hi, I come to leave my like, nice day.👍👍👍

This type of game is really good for today's youth because it increases the strength and endurance. Thank you for the live podcast of this match yusuf bhai. keep it up.

we should increase interest in game , thank you dear for appreciation