#Recipe time || How to make pulao masala (the taste of palav is made from this masala)

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Hello my dear #hive and #3speak friends, after one week i am back with my new video, and In today's video, I will tell you how to make pulao masala. The most important thing to make pulao is to prepare its masala because the taste of palav is made from this masala. To make masala, first onion is fried in ghee well and when onion turns red brown in ghee, tomatoes, red chilli salt and other spices are added to it as you can see in the video. When all these items are fried with tomato, beef meat is added to it and the meat is fried well and then water and rice are added and the pilao is kept for dudam. is of Thank you very much all of you

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vah yusuf bhai kuya bat he pulav mashala .bro aj hi mene dalpulav ki niyaj khai he .jise khke boht hi maja aya he .or apne bhi aj mashala pulav bana ne boht hi acha kiya he

dear yeah msla pulao he tu mazay ka banta hai, as ku khanay ka maaza khuch aur hai, beef ka sath, aur bana bhe bry mazay ka tha

Nice to see you.And best of all watching your making this pollaw masala.Looks like you had a great time.Watching the video made me feel good.Watching this video reminded me of my high school life when I was in high school we organized like this. Great share.

yes dear school time was very much amazing time, no tension, freedom, now we have responsbilities, you liked my this video it is my success and thank you so much dear

wow, it seems like kids enjoy this cooking and are excited to eat this meal. You re doing job in good high school because you are enjoying there keep on.

yes dear , students liked it very much, we all enjoyed rice very much, meal was very much delicious and all students enjoyed very much, yeah i am in high school, working as senior elementer level teacher , thank dear for apprecaiton

Wao sir I like to eat masala pulao.
It is very famous here in our areas.
Good to see You are cooking this tast pulao.
Students are waiting to have a pulao.
Wonderful video sir.
Keep it up.

i like pulao very much, and i learnt very much in this recipe with expert person, thank you dear

!giphy great

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This time that happens is very special in school, people enjoy a lot and you have shared a lot of tasty recipes with us.