#sports || Before the start of the games all the guests were welcomed by the children with applause

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hello my #3speak and hive family i am back with new updates related sports gala 2023 that are continue in schools, today in this video The sports gala 2023 is going on in full swing. Today is November 21, 2023 and before the start of the games all the guests were welcomed by the children with applause and in this regard you will see in this video how the children applauded the guests. Today is the second day of Sports Gala 2023 and you can see the guests who were welcomed today in this video. I will try to share the uodates of these games every day.

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Wao it is a memorable place for me.
I can recall my school days.
I am very emotional to see this sports gala of your school.
I have planty of memories with Govt high school paikhel.
When I used to study here from 2000 to 2005.
May ALLAH bless you with more success.
Keep it up sir.

yes dear govt high school is your town school, and you got education from here , your plenty of memories are asset in your likfe that you have in histroy pages, thank you dear

vah bro yah to boht hi acha huva ,gala sport tunament boht hi acha chal raha he jiski jitni tarif kare utna kam he .

thank you dear, han g sports gala 2023 , bhut acha ja raha,,, students bhut he best performance dikha rahy hain, aur bhut nice event thank you

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thank you so much for appreciation

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Wow sir great moment enjoying your time.welcoming the guest with flower garland, clapping.He seems to be enjoying the moments very much.

yes today is last day games, and very busy days, yesterday i came back evening time , today are final matchs, thank you dear for enjoying