Attended Senior High School Work Immersion Guidelines Orientation and TVL Updates

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Senior High School started its implementation last S.Y 2016-2017. It's already seven years of implementation. Part of the Senior High School program is work immersion. This program aims at Senior High School graduates to be ready for the world of work, apply the competencies they learned, become acquainted with the workplace and work habits, develop their professional and social aspects, and increase their self-confidence.


Last November 22, our division conducted an orientation for all Secondary School Heads, TVL Coordinators, Senior High School Coordinators, School Partnership Coordinators, School Industry Linkages Coordinators, and TVL Coordinator to view, refresh, clear the doubts, clarify every content of Deped order no. 30 series. 2023 and to have unified guidelines on the Work Immersion Program and to provide updates on TLE/TVL Offering. The Orientation was held at Balamban, Cebu, Philippines which is more or less 75.5 km, away from my hometown. At first, I was hesitant to join since there was no permanent route from San Remigio to Balamban. But according to Ryan Blair “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.” So even if I find it hard to reach the venue, I did not say no to my school head.



On the day of the orientation, I asked a favor from my husband to accompany me to the venue via motorcycle. My very supportive partner did not say no to my favor so he accompanied me as my driver. He! he!

The venue was quite far from our hometown so my husband decided to leave his work and drove me to Balamban, Cebu via motorcycle. He also planned to renew our motorcycle since it had expired already. So we planned to drop by the emission testing center at Tuburan, Cebu on the day of our travel. We departed early at,6:30 am. We arrived at Tuburan by 7:00 am. The center was not yet opened, so we waited there for about 30 minutes and by 7:30 we continued to Balamban, Cebu for the orientation after the emission had been done.




By 8:00 am we arrived at the venue. Even if we already had a pre-registration still we need to fall in line for the payment of our registration. After paying our registration which was 750.00 pesos, I searched the table of Tabogon District. Unluckily almost all schools from the Medellin Sub-office don't have tables and chairs. It was already arranged and with the label. What I did, was I just set down near the stage or in front but at the bleacher area so that if there were tables I would be accommodated. While sitting on the bleacher, I had the chance to take a photo with the performer as if I were their manager. hahaha!



The event begins with a prayer, National Anthem, Sugbu Hymn, and Balamban Hymn. After that was the acknowledgment of the participants, welcome address, and statement of purpose. Then our Assistant Schools Division Superintendent discussed the immersion guidelines. She checked the prior knowledge of the teachers by asking varied questions. This time we kept on reading the Deped Order so that when our name was called we could answer the question. That was a nerve-wracking moment. It was a clear and concise discussion coming from our ASDS who is also a TLE/TVL Lover for she is also a major in this subject and a member of the senior high school planning team in DepEd Region 7.


After her time TESDA Representative from the regional office shared the updates of TESDA. He mentioned the number of TESDA Accredited Training Centers in Cebu. He also added how to have a National Certificate and how to have a TESDA Scholarship program. After his thorough discussion, lunch was served. Since the participants were more or less 2,000, we found it discomfort during our lunchtime. It took almost more than half an hour to fall in line for food.


In the afternoon the Regional TLE supervisor also shared updates on TLE. He emphasizes the importance of having a Training Methodology for all TLE/TVL Teachers. He mentioned that he allocated more numbers of scholarship programs for TM in the Cebu Province Division. After our Regional TLE supervisor's time, our Division TLE supervisor discussed the remaining topics. He tackled the various models of Work Immersion. After his time was the open forum where teachers had their chance to ask questions for clarification. It was indeed a productive discussion. Teachers were able to clarify some issues not understood about the work immersion program.

The orientation ended past 5 pm already. It was a long discussion. One day for me was not enough. But still, I'm grateful to our Division for having this orientation. We are now guided on how and what to do in this program. Even if we were already implementing the program based on the guidelines, at least we know already that what we were practicing was aligned with the guidelines.




That's all for this blog. Thank you for all your support.