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Many thanks as always, dear @trucklife-family! Blessings to you always!


Great post and I resonated with a lot of your points about corruption and law. Its universal really.
But I would like to argue that the golden rule is probably just as important as the law of love😋 jk im just being goofy.

Well, in occult terms, the Golden Rule is a synonym of Love, hahaha. Thank you very much for your impression! Much obliged!

I was going to circle back to that but would had taken away from this glorious exchange. Perfect man, see you around!

Too much good stuff. I saw that @dbroze video and that was really really good.

All the content here is top notch and really rich with information on modern day events, meditations among other things and of course crypto! Not to mention that these are high Rep people.

Great curated group here and expertly written post! Its just there is sooo many good posts here. Each one is a must read or watch!

Thank you for all you do to support strong, liberty/freedom minded individuals on Hive!