Edible berries and plants around my hometown

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Urban people hardly know the abundance of nature, they prefer to buy all the food in the supermarket. What if they knew what a miracle awaited them in the woods and fields! I like to tell everyone about edible wild plants, but only those that I have my own experience with.

Despite the spring frosts and summer heat, a lot of berries grew in some sheltered places, so I thought it was worth picking from them.

I already had experience with blackthorn berries last year, then I made syrup out of them.
They are still immature now, I have to wait for the first frosts. I will also collect rosehips after the first frosts.



I put the blackberries in the freezer and made jam from the red berries of cornels. The seeds were hard enough to remove from cornel jam, but didn’t throw them out either, I’m going to put them in rattles.


Hawthorn is also ripening now, but I still have to wait a bit for harvesting. Its fruits are tasteless, but mixed with apples, you can make jam from it.

Once I picked a larger amount of elderberries, it colored my hands blue, then I made syrup out of them, which I didn’t take care of, and it became a fine but very strong wine! One sip was enough to get drunk.


On the outskirts of the city, I found some wild apple trees with many but immature fruits. I'll be back there too.



Black rowan has been unknown to me so far. Today I heard how well it affects health. The taste, however, is lousy, very astringent and bitter.


Purslane is considered by many to be weedy, although it is a very good salad ingredient. The taste is a bit sour and the leaf is crisp. Both raw and cooked, it is delicious and healthy. The only problem with it is that it mostly grows along dusty roads.


Wild mint grows in large patches in the field. It smells wonderful and is refreshing for tea. I took it with a big bouquet, now it dries in a basket.



It’s a field sage maybe, but I’m not sure. In any case, it is beautiful as it shines in the sunlight.


“The source of love is love itself.” (Grigori Grabovoi)

With lots of love from Kalemandra



I love seeing those photos especially those berries I'm salivating 🤤.

I wonder how those berries taste like too but seem delicious.