The Boundaries are Bleeding by Monty Cash - Free song download!!

in Abundance Tribelast month (edited)


New song made today - written, recorded, produced and video made in the space of a day - my day off - working at a dairy in South West Australia.

Various clips were sourced from Telegram - the clip at the end is from here:


Brilliant track! Hope you're keeping well my friend.

Cheers man, I hope you're keeping well too. It's a strange world we've found ourselves in. How to navigate this most efficiently?

I'm good thank you, I had a health scare which caused me to re-evaluate certain aspects of my life - but all is now good. I think we have to detach ourselves from the system as much as is possible - not as an isolated enclave, but through the creation of networks of open-minded people we can depend upon. Grow food where we can - find like-minded local producers (who are amenable to exchanging goods for services) where we can't.

We've just started selling health tonics in local shops, quality ingredients, decent prices, and results that speak for themselves - everyone is happy. It's also put us in touch with lots of people that own farm shops or sell local produce - some of which see through the facade. Key thing is, whatever happens - we don't go hungry.:)

Sounds like a plan. Sorry to hear about the scare but stronger we become because of it.

Micro-industries are important now more than ever and community building like you say.

I go into fluctuations of keeping up with the rush of emergency to turning it off completely.

Finding our own balance independent of the system then networking these independent pieces with other independent pieces is where the future is at. The system will do as it ever does and it seems it has always been this way, just now more honest.

It is no secret that majority of the population was acquiescent before such a debacle, and that individuality and freedom were largely western privileged belief systems - now we enter into a time where we have to pay back that debt accrued on our personality credit cards.

I'm now working full-time at a dairy. There's a collection of IBCs available for use. I've been doing research on both aquaponics and wicking beds.

While it was true there was no chance of me owning a property unless I win the crypto lottery - I've found possibly something better.

I've been working on a new project artistically which consists of a written story which there are instrumental parts and I'm paying a friend to illustrate a brief graphic novel for the story.

It will be released under a new name to give it a chance in the censored state of things - @paradoxcatharsis - I've gone and started a bunch of accounts with this name so keep an eye on it.

I feel the return to myth is very important at this time as it is also the foundation of communication and the foundation of education.

It is the myths and legends that shone through either based on experience, rose-coloured perspectives or completely fabricated, with their lessons both literal and esoteric, through the ages of time - of oppression and gayety alike.

The best of luck with your end of the stick!

Those were some powerful lyrics! I loved it.

Thank you very much, I appreciate you checking it out!

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Loved this, thank you @montycashmusic.
I get disheartened at times with everything that is going on especially after hearing about what is happening in the Northern Territory, people being removed from their homes and placed in camps and others forcibly injected.
But that is also why we have to keep being the light, keep creating and speaking our truth.

Thank you!

Yes, it's pretty scary all the shit that's happening. Only advice from me is - Navigate

ps. Thanks for the gift! x