Brace yourself, these are the end times of the old financial structures

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I was recounting the number of times in my life, since I have been following the markets, when I witnessed a crash. I got to the number 6. Six times I have seen the turmoil of the financial markets, and in each of them new highs were regained later on.

Yet there is a difference now

Many of you have heard that the crypto ecosystem and the blockchain technology would change and revolutionize the old and archaic financial systems. Now we witness a crash and the question popups - is this the end of the promise? Are we doomed to live as slaves, servants to external powers who control our abundance?

(Be with this question for a minute before you carry on reading).

The answer is no. The collapse of the old financial structures has already happened and we are in the midst of a transformation. Have you really thought that the old world would give up so easily? What we are seeing now, with the red markets, is one - perhaps the last - counter-action taken by the fearful institutions. They are used to use centralization and power to make things move, and it is very difficult for them to give up on all that. So, they fight back, not knowing they have already lost. They use their arsenal of fear and manipulation to affect your state of mind, to make you doubt, to influence your consciousness.

What to do?

To sell and run away? To buy the dip? What would be the right course of action?

In these times, more than ever, it's important for each and every one of you, individually, to understand, absorb and live by the true consciousness of abundance. Not for nothing I have dedicated 19 posts to this subject over the past months. HHere is the link to post #19, in which you will also find the links to all the previous posts in the series. Give yourself this treat as it reflects the wisdom you already have within you.




Well written, and I think I mostly agree, although we'll probably see more cefi and defi coexistence

nice work, and well-written as always!

Yay! 🤗
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I think a safe bet is gold or silver.

The market is so unpredictable this period. Andy advice to any crypto trader is not to go swing. Just scalp with a good entry and exit with profit.

No one knows where the bottom will be though it seems very close

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