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Recently I found ecency.com - and was delighted to see its various tools (POINTS & GIFTS in particular) and general agenda to grow the community and encourage bloggers to create content of quality.

I have decided to take a step and restore my contests. In this one I am asking you to answer a specific question that I ask my guests when they come to speak at my videocast GET A ROOM.

Before I reveal the question here are the rules and the rewards:


Credit: all pics from Unspalsh

  1. You may answer the question in text (no more than 50 words) or a video clip (no longer than 30 seconds).
  2. Post your answer as a comment to this post ONLY.
  3. Begin your answer with stating your name, age and the country you live in. For example - "I am Yeshua, 33 years old, from The Cayman Isalnds, and this is my answer to the question..."
  4. Be succinct, so take your time to draft your answer before you write (or film).
  5. If you post a video make sure that you speak in clear English, else add English subtitles.
  6. To be elgible for a reward you need to reblog this post.
  7. In addition you need to upvote one of my posts that you like from the past week, and in your answer please add the link to the post that you upvoted.
  8. The contest will end when there will be 100 comments or on Decembner 12th (the earliets).


The rewards:

  • Each text answer will receive 100 ecency POINTS as a gift to the user's hive account.
  • Each video answer will receive 500 ecency POINTS as a gift to the user's hive account.
  • The three answers that will inspire me most will receive 10000, 5000 and 1000 ecency POINTS to the user's hive account.
  • All gifts will be sent within 24 hours from the time the contest ends.


Now, the question:

If you went back in time, what advice would you give to the 25 years old you?


If your age is 20-30 the question is different:

If you went forward in time, what would you ask the 50 years old you?

Good luck and I hope we will reach the 100 participants and wisdomise ourselves by all your great answers. Reblog, Upvote and Answer 🧙‍♂️


I am Al, 45 years old and from Germany. I would give me the advice: Marry this woman tomorrow, buy a house and remember the word bitcoin if you hear it first time!
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I am CJ, 41 years old from the Philippines and this is my answer to the question: "If you went back in time, what advice would you give to the 25 years old you?"

"You are doing great! Enjoy and keep loving life. Travel more, laugh often, believe in yourself, keep learning and be the best that you can be. Invest while you can and don’t sell the Bitcoin that you will be buying 5-7 years from now. Buy more and secure them."

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My name's Bernard Hong, 32 years old, and from the U.S.
Don't be afraid of failing... fail fast but rise faster. Start building and compounding relationships over assets/money. Dream and achieve big things by constantly challenging your beliefs so you can evolve faster. (bitcoin/crypto/altcoins). YOU got this! Never give up.
Make the most of everything given to you in life.

I am SallyAnne, 37 yrs old from Canada.

I would tell my 25 year old self to have confidence in living fuller, brighter, and throw more caution to the wind. You're not gonna fit the standard mold later anyways. And besides, the universe has a way of working itself out.


I am Oldschool, 46 years old, and from the US.

If I could leave myself a message, I would say that I am going to be fine, and everything comes in its time. Worry less. I would also tell myself to collect all of the Bitcoin humanly possible.

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Hello, B. 53 from Austria.
I'd say nothing to my 25 years younger self. All mistakes she made have also brought so much good.
But to myself 2 years ago I would say: if a pandemic starts, close your business! Don't wait for circumstances to get better again.

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My name is Jorge, I am 35 and I am from Venezuela.

I have always asked myself that question, and I would definitely tell myself not to waste time with people who are not worth it, time is an invaluable gift and now I realize it, also not to give advice to those people that you once knew well It is not worth the effort to convey your reflections.

My name is benito, I am 38 and I am Spanish.

I would tell my self of the past, that due to the events of the future that begin to question everything, the history, the characters and the "Truth" because the elites will want to dominate the world and the vast majority will not want to do. nothing, we are not playing individual freedoms in every corner of the planet.

I am Yahia Lababidi, 48 years old, from Egypt. My advice to my 25-year-old self is:

Stay innocent and work harder, be kinder to others and yourself. Bad habits take decades to undo. Begin, now, to live a clean, clear life.

Don't waste time. Pay attention to the daily signs and warnings… More, below 👇🏽

Hello, I am M., 52, from Austria.
I would tell my 25 year old version obviously to buy 1000 Bitcoins, as soon as they will be available and tell good friends to do the same. And I would tell him to enjoy the time with the kids when they are small, enjoy every moment, as they grow up so fast.

Soy Carolina, tengo 38 años y soy de Venezuela. Mi respuesta a la pregunta es la siguiente: "recuerda quien eres y no te dejes llevar mas por tu corazón que por tu conciencia, que sea un 50-50, y no dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy"
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I'm Oksana, 45 old from Russia.

I would tell myself in 25:

You should believe in your sexuality as well as in your intellectual talents. You are gifted in many areas. Trust yourself - your brain, your body and your spirit. All ways will be opened for you. Play your life and please, buy bitcoins as an investment for decades in summer 2013.

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Thank you!
I am hoping to get close to 100 replies by the end of the year.

Let's make that happen sooner!

I am Pete, 60 years old and live in the UK

25 Years ago: "That Bitcoin you were given is going to be worth £180,000 DON'T DELETE THE WALLET YOU MUPPET!"

50 Years time: Is Microsoft still dominant?

Hello, I am Yesenia, I am 56 years old and I was born and live in Venezuela. If you were to go back in time, what advice would you give to your 25 year old self? I would say trust in yourself welcome that new being that everything is ok and follow your instincts, live and live with capital letters.

Hello, I'm Jon, I'm 36, and I live in Florida, US. If I could go back to my 25 year old self I would tell him this:
"She's going to leave you. But you will survive and make it out better on the other side. Don't let her define you. Never let her cause you to question your own motives. You're a good man, husband, and father."

I liked this post: https://ecency.com/hive-181465/@nomad-magus/car-being-lost-in-a


I'm Suzana Kapriš, 49 years old... from Serbia and this is my answer:

Nothing in life should be taken too seriously, life is a game ... a play ... everything passes and changes. It is our job to adapt and follow ... listen to what our heart tells us .... go that way.


I am Vy, 27 years old from Vietnam. I would ask my 50 year old whether there is anything that I regretted not to do when I was young?
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Hello my name is Alberto, I am 18 years old and I live in Venezuela.

As I am 18 years old, the question I could answer would be if I could travel to the future, to meet my 25 year old self:

I would tell him to follow his dreams and persevere, life must be taken advantage of when one is young, to see the fruits when one is old.


Helllo Alberto,
Being 18 yo the question for you is different :
If you could travel in time to meet your 50 years old self, what would you ask him?

If I could travel back in time and meet my 50 year old self, I would ask him the following question:

What did I do for the next 32 years and what would you recommend me to do?

Please follow the rules.
Thank you.

Hello my name is Alberto, I am 18 years old and I live in Venezuela.

If I could travel back in time and meet my 50 year old self, I would ask him the following question:

What did I do for the next 32 years and what would you recommend me to do?


Hello I’m dimitar 26 years old and I love football to watch and play

My name is Ruthyann, I am 20 years old from Nigeria and here's my answer to the question.
I'd ask my 50 years old self if she still writes and if she ever forgot to be kind to herself.
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