The path to richness, part 17 - Releasing shame and guilt

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In this series of 18 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


In this series of posts, which deals with the consciousness of abundance, I repeat that money is much more than bills or a bank account with capital. Authentic and stable wealth is a state of being and without the consciousness of abundance the material wealth is transient. Bad news, you say? Well, this is how the reality works.

Because we live in a time when there are plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money and fast.

  • For example, a person can train themselves (and sometimes even without any immediate cost, at the expense of the future employer's support) to engage in a sought-after technological profession and earn, in a western employment market where the demand for tech-workers is high, wages that would be very high.
  • Or a person can accumulate personal capital over a few years and then invest it and enjoy the fruits of the interest.

However, without the prior and proper preparation of one's consciousness, the wealth will not remain for long and/or will not serve its owner's well-being. After all, no sane human would want to get rich quick at a young age, by deception and fraud, only to die (allegedly) by their poisoning partner. [The full story on Netflix: Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King].


In the present post I touch on a mysterious side of the consciousness of abundance. On the face of it, the connection between shame and money is clear and resolved. Many people have felt ashamed, at some point in life, to receive from others, for example it was not pleasant for them to receive gifts or have something done for them; then they realized that their refusal blocked the abundance. They were told that "the universe sends you wealth but you block it, the universe throws abundance at you but your hand is clenched. Stop being ashamed to claim what you rightfully deserve, and then you will see how abundance reaches you." Sound familiar?

Yet, shame and guilt are deeper.

Everyone has something they are ashamed of or feel guilty about. These things themselves are not as important as the energy behind them. That enery reflects a deep pain of separation between spirit and matter, originated in ancient times when the civilization was created, and it has been dragging within all of us, from generation to generation, within the DNA. Today, thanks to the phenomenal period of awakening in which we live, these wounds of separation are floating to the surface and demanding healing.

And so, we see more and more people in the public space that life is forcing them to release shame and guilt. For example, this British MP:


credit: BBC


But all this doesn't have to be done with power and suffering. You can ask for gentle and subtle help in releasing the shame and guilt inherent in you. Soon after you do that - experience the shame and guilt, receive the forgiveness from yourself and let go - a huge dam will open that has so far stopped the energy of abundance from entering into your life. I will not explain the meta-physical reasons and how it will happen, but it will happen.

If you are following all the principles of abundance (those I have written, for example) but your financial situation is still not good, you should check this matter of guilt and shame. This may be the last checkpoint just waiting to be removed by you.


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