The path to richness, part 18 - The physics of money

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In this series of 18 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


If you are the average reader of my series of posts on the consciousness of abundance, you are not yet rich in matter and/or spirit (and please do not forget the meaning of wealth - The path to richness, part 3: what is wealth?). The situation today is that you read what I wrote and then say to yourself 'if I do this and that, and I will think this and that then at some point in the future I will be rich'. It is a linear thinking, of cause and effect, that characterizes the behavior of most people in the world. On the other hand, most people in the world are not rich, so maybe something in this thinking is ineffective? 🤔

People who think linearly work very hard to get rich. They force on reality their desire to get money and invest a lot of energy in order to pull money towards them. This is one legitimate way. A second way, which I personally prefer and in which I have experience, is to put the mental power aside and instead use the physical principle of Allowing.

What does 'Allowing' mean?

Right now there is a gap between you and abundance. You are here and abundance is at a point in time in the future. You expect and hope that a moment will come when you will reach that point in time and meet this abundance that 'awaits' you. The point is that the physical structure of the universe is such that time does not exist. The past and the future have no meaning because they do not really exist but only in our perception as humans. If those other times do not exist then everything that exists is in the present, in the here, in the now. It also means that the point of power, the same nucleus from which reality can be influenced, is right now.

This is an elusive concept because it is new to the consciousness of the masses, a matter of only the last few decades (evolutionarily it is but a tiny point in the 'time' axis of humanity). Even if we assume that we agree to accept an innovative perception of reality (after all, all other ways have failed so far), it is still not clear to us how to do so. Because even if you meditate on abundance, as soon as you open your eyes you will quickly return to the present of this reality where you are not rich. Then you will think about the future in anticipation of reaching it. So what can be done to bring the future here instead of waiting for it to come?

Stop for a second. Read the last sentence again because it is a key point. If there is one significant barrier that prevents abundance from reaching you, it is this perception of time. The solution I will give is so simple, so basic, so clear, that you will not believe it actually works. Only when you apply it and see results consistently will you come to know the magic that exists in the quantum physics of the universe. So read the bold sentence again and take a moment or two to internalize it.

So what to do?

This post was written in a blog that deals with relationships. You currently have different types of relationships and as with any relationship there is communication between its items. The better these communication-exchanges are, the more nutritious and healthier the relationship becomes. This is not a new idea and you know it from the relationships you have with humans. What may not have been clear so far is that you also have a relationship with money, with the energy of money. So far, this relationship has been one-sided, like one-sided love - you asked for the money to come, you mourned it being taken from you, you gave up waiting for it, and you came to terms with the fact that you may never be rich. Now let's change the dynamics of this communication. Instead of chasing after money, let it look for you.

The way to do this is to remember that consciousness precedes being. This means that the way of thinking and perceiving and relating to reality determines reality. If until today you were thinking about the future and the money that will come to you, then now change your thinking to the present. Be present in every moment of the present, in your 'here and now'. The money, which as mentioned is not in the past or in the future, will suddenly discover your presence and find its way to you. Opportunities of abundance will knock on your reality doors and you will know what to do with them. Sounds simple? It really is! Easy to do? definitely not. Your thoughts will take you from the present to the past and to the future and you will need to practice and teach yourself to return the focus to the present. The longer you stay in the present, the faster the process will be.

This post may be the last in the series because there really is nothing to add. You now know the whole doctrine, how to enable a reality of abundance. What is left is to apply it, if you so choose.


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