The path to richness, part 19 - An eye on the Prize

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In this series of 19 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


It is not easy to live at these time, in our world in general, and not because of the cost of living, but quite the opposite. We are flooded with life stories of young new rich people whose big money has come to their doorstep and freed them from financial worries for the rest of their long lives. Social media floods us with enviable photos and videos of the lives of others after they have earned big money.

And all this creates mental stress because you are not there yet. And to change that and feel better about yourself you make 'becoming rich' a goal. You also want to get rich, fast and a lot. To that aim you direct your energy, for this purpose you sacrifice comfort, relationships and small moments of happiness. You are determined to accomplish this goal and (almost) every trail on the way to it is legitimate. You were also attracted to this series of posts thanks to its title. You want to know what the path to richness is.

Are you familiar with the phrase 'The one who pursues honor, the honor escapes from him'? The same goes for money. In post number 5 I suggest that you forget about money: You want to be rich? Forget it! And here I want to sharpen that argumenbt. If your goal is to make money, to become rich, the road to get there will be long and tedious, and when you get rich you will find that you actually have nothing! The goal should be different.

Remember, wealth is the result of being, it is a sign, a reflection, of a particular existential state you have reached - a relationship with the self. Your goal, if you want one, should be to strengthen, deepen, fortify, the connection of the self that you know with the inner self, your soul, the I AM consciousness. This is the central theme that my blog deals with, and the posts that deal with wealth ultimately deal with this relationship as well. The closer your connection with your soul-self, with your broad body of consciousness, the faster money and wealth will reach your doorstep.

Whoever sets for himself the goal of 'getting rich', whoever turns money into his new front, will not get authentic wealth in his lifetime.


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Yeah I totally agree with you. Most times we get too carried away by our quest for wealth that we forget to do the basics. So we end up going round circles feeling things ain't working. Smart work, patience and Favour is always the key.

Yay! 🤗
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