The path to richness, part 4 - Man is responsible for his own destiny

In this series of (16 and counting) posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money. At the bottom you will find the links to the previous posts in the series.


In the first post I suggested that you start managing your money, that the first thing you will want to do to become rich (for those who aspire to it), is to learn to manage your money by yourself. Indeed, there are portfolio managers and when you are rich you will not want to waste valuable time on the day-to-day management of your investments, but still, you will want to get reports from the bank and also keep track of the work of the investment managers. It is by no means 'release and forget'. The consciousness you should have then is the following: "I trust Jane from the bank to know how to manage my investments, she is a reliable and experienced person, and yet I still want to follow, every day/week/month her work and what she does with my money."

In this post I want to move forward and talk about taking full responsibility for your life. If it is not yet clear, a true consciousness of wealth is accompanied by a perception of reality that says: "I am responsible for my destiny, I create (actually choose) my reality, and there is no external factor that determines whether and how rich I will be."

The opposite attitude is victimhood: "All the money goes to the rich, the tycoons control the economy, the government steals the citizens, the income tax is an unjust tax, I was born into a poor family and my destiny is to be poor forever, I do not belong to the elite and I will not get rich, God does not want that I will get rich because it will destroy me", and more and more such self-told-stories that people tell themselves. All these excuses for one thing - not to take responsibility for their lives.

And why?

For various reasons.

  • Taking responsibility requires involvement, and a lot of people are just lazy.
  • Taking responsibility requires looking inward at our daily behavior and people are afraid that they will discover within themselves some dark and evil demon.
  • Taking responsibility gives a sense of power (authentic!) And people fear that the power will corrupt them.

So most of you will not take responsibility and continue to cry over your poor fate, and as a refuge you will continue to go out in protest demonstrations against the government and the corrupt tycoons and the thieves and the whole world. Everyone is to blame for not allowing you to become rich.

And before I go any further - I'm not saying that the demonstrations are unjustified, that the protest is false. I do say that before you run to save the world from thieves and corruption you better save yourself and your family from the mentality of the victim and thought patterns such as" "it's enough", "I don't need more", "it is noble to settle for little" and "it's enough that I survive".

Responsibility is like being pregnant. There is no half of it. Either you take full responsibility for every aspect of your life (money, relationships, health, work, etc.) or not. Have you chosen to relinquish your responsibility in a certain area? ("I will stay in this job that I hate, that destroys my health, so that my wife would not think that I'm a loser and divorce me. At least I will take care of my family") - then know that this waiver will go very quickly into all other areas (spoiler: your wife will find another reason to divorce you ). And of course to the abundance as well: you will never be really rich.

Did you choose to give your power to an outs force? ("I'll do the lottery ticket once a week, the lottery will make me rich") - then you gave up taking responsibility. It's fun to amuse yourself with the lottery, it's nice to play in the casino occasionally (for those who like it) but if you do, then at least you should come from the place of consciousness of authentic wealth: "I and only I am the one who takes care of my wealth, not the casino, not the lottery, not the government. These can be channels through which the money will reach me, but the power remains with me." So why play at a casino? Just because it's fun. When you act from this mental perspective then your bet will be low, for a token amount, because the main thing is the game experience. There is no way you will be addicted to gambling.

A person who takes responsibility is not addicted.

A person who takes responsibility says to the universe: "Send me money, I will know how to deal with it, it will not destroy me."

And that concludes precept # 4 on your path to abundance.


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I agree with you that we have to be responsible of every aspect of our life. I live in Spain where there is a big scarcity energy around money and work. A lot of fear of quitting abusive jobs or jobs that people don't like anymore.

My experience is the opposite. For the last couple of years I don't even apply for jobs but they look for me in work social media like LinkedIn or similar platforms.

People keep telling me that is hard to find jobs here, especially if you are unemployed. I have quit many time jobs that I didn't like, being unemployed because I chose to, and still not having any problem in finding one when I needed or wanted to.

This is a very interested topic. I will follow your posts about it!

Life does reward those who walk the path 🙂
Just as you described.
Tnx for the confirmation.

Yay! 🤗
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Dear Universe, Send me money, I will know how to deal with it, it will not destroy me. 🤗