The path to richness, part 7 - so, where will the money come from?

In this series of 16 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


In the previous post I promised that I would publish specific suggestions for ways to allow financial abundance into your life. Before I do that I want to give an example of a critical principle on the path to your richness, a principle I have written about over and over again - the consciousness of abundance precedes abundance.

Lately I read about a young guy. He inherited money and then lost it to two people (apparently and ostensibly, all according to the story in this article). The young man with a disability is now suing the realotors who stung him in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the claim, they persuaded him to give them his money so that they could invest it in real estate - and took it for themselves

What's interesting is that the guy admits he's heard about scams stories that have happened to other people in the past and never believed that something like this could happen to him. And I'm convinced that in real time, when he got the offer from a family friend to give him his money to buy the same land, he wholeheartedly believed he was going to make a lot of money. No thought floated to the threshold of his awareness that there might be a stinging plot here.

You, who read this story and similar stories must be saying to yourself "what was he thinking?" And that's exactly it! When man is not residing in the consciousness of abundance, when he has not done processes with himself, his thoughts will be clouded, mental blindness will wash over him and then money will run away from him, just like that.

So I repeat, before you jump into investing in all kinds of ventures, go over what I wrote in the previous posts (links below) and apply the morals. You extremely do not want to be the ones who work hard, hard, reach financial wealth and then lose it in a short time, or alternatively be in a situation where money only brings you trouble.


So far so good. And now - what can you actually do to get rich?

Osho was once asked in his ashram, "Tell me Master, you keep telling us that we deserve to be rich and live financially well, but if everyone gets rich where will the money come from?"

And the answer Osho gave was simple and profound: "Exactly from where it is now."

We live in a time when wealth is available and just waiting for you to take it. Wealth that can reach you in the form of passive income. And there are some notable options in the field. I will mention only three:

  • Passive income from a service you give to others - Take your speciality, set up an online presence, and start spreading the word. I personally love to write, I love to advise, so I set up a presence, a website and blogs where I write out of passion and authenticity and from a desire to give and help. For me it is another channel where I allow abundance to reach me (I will refrain from giving links because the purpose of this post is not self marketing).
  • Real Estate - In the developed world the demand for real estate will remain stable and even increase. There is no forecast for a decline in prices (the acceleration in the rate of increase in housing prices continues). And for you there is an opportunity here for the long term. Learn the market, read, consult, and if everything connects to you - invest, alone or with friends, or through a group. How much to invest? Where to invest? When to invest? The answers will come to you when you start studying the subject. It's part of the principle of investing in yourself (The Road to richness, part 6, remember?)
  • Crypto - so maybe some of you are thinking sadly "the train has already left the station". But no! Stop regretting the past and fearing the future. You are in just the perfect place right now. The crypto field is one of the rare investment channels that incorporates all the principles of abundance I talked about: it requires you to invest in learning and getting to know the field (which is actually investing in yourself), it requires you to be a long term investors (i.e. forget, and stop "thinking about it"), Thanks to the fact that there is no regulatory body that oversees the system, you are the ones who manage your finances and are responsible for profits and losses, which means that you are responsible for your fate!

    There are many stories about those who lived in the consciousness of greed for money (as opposed to real abundance) and lost all their fortune in crypto. They simply did not adopt the notion that they were already rich and therefore pursued more, like a donkey with an inconceivable carrot lying in front of its head.


Where to invest? Which coins to buy? What projects to pay attention to? Learn the area and read. Always remember to exercise discretion before purchasing a crypto-course or listenting to advice from crypto-lords.

Besides, I do recommend that you take a course in capital market trading (for free or for a fee) and then invest a small amount to practice and trade. How small? One that you can afford to lose but still feel bad about losing. What will it give you? Beyond the knowledge of reading graphs and analyzing positions, intra-day trading will cause you emotional upheavals - gains, losses, ups, downs - and this will ultimately bring you emotional balance. Or in other words, will neutralize the energy of greed. Believe me - you do not want to invest in crypto when you are still at war with the greedy inner demon.


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The above two will be a great preparation for investing in the world of crypto and in general.

In the future I will write additional posts, more specific, about investing opportunities. Even then I will demand that you will exercise your own judgment!


And that concludes precept # 7 on your path to abundance.


Links to previous posts in the series:


Real estate is a great investment, when purchased at the right price. We have a saying You Make Your Money When You Buy The Property, Not When You Sell It. Understand that real estate will go up and down, but not at the same steep swings as stocks or crypto. Also, real estate can pay a steady passive income through rentals. The key is to buy at a low point, earn passive income until the high point and then cash out by selling the property. Thanks for your advice and I will follow for more tips!

And thank you for the valuable addition 👌

I'm a big fan of this series of 16 :)

And I'm glad to hear that.
9 more to go 🤞

I'm glad I came across the series, for the past few months have been having tough time thinking on how to make money, I mean being financially free. Thanks for this, I'd make sure I follow up these series.

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I have seen @realestate4114u comment and it reminds me of Robert Kiyosaki, the Author, of Rich Dad Poor Dad series. This is the exact thing he said about real estate. That profit is made when you buy not when you sell.

But then I get confused over the term "real estate" in the sense that I don't understand if this field is only related to Houses alone. What about the lands? Aren't they a part of real estate?

Yes, lands, yards. warehouses, garages, condos. All are real estate as they are not moveable.

Oh ohk. Thanks for explaining. I appreciate. ❤️