Hive Peaked Major Interest At Albania's Rainbow Gathering | Onboarding Those Who Want To Be On Board

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Believe it or not but Hive has been one of the most discussed topics here near and on the rainbow gathering in Southern Albania. Who better to onboard than those who not only doubt the false promises of the traditional "babylon" system, but who are also open-minded and genuinely interested in finding more sustainable ways to travel and self-actualize by following their passions.

For a moment there I thought that talking about cryptocurrencies and Hive may not be appropriate on a spiritual gathering of people who want to take a break from worldly affairs. But guess what? The opposite is true.

Literally anyone I mentioned Hive to and the fact that my lady and I have supported our journey for over a year through the cryptocurrency sector (the aggregation of blogging, NFTs and trading)... is stunned. It's what so many are looking for these days, especially if it doesn't involve affiliate marketing of amazon products or pushing stupid products through monetized youtube commercials.

And so it strikes me that onboarding is and probably should be a really natural process that doesn't involve "selling" the idea of Hive to random people - but rather to be a competent advocate of a solution that is already viable for freedom-loving self-actualizers. Nevermind the fact that hive's price is nowhere near the perfect reflection point of its actual use case and inherent value. What better time to start then now?

So I am preparing a workshop.

I want to introduce Hive to all those who are interested in hearing about it and for that a lot of brain juice and planning will go into that introduction. I will maybe have an hour of introduction to Hive and then do a question and answers session.

Anyone who has been on Hive for a while will understand just how difficult it can be to bring both clarity to this new "uncharted" way of social media technology, while at the same time trying the best to not overwhelm newcomers with minor details.

Since onboarding is such an important part to Hive's mission I feel this workshop might actually crystallize into some sort of broader tutorial that other people could utilize. We can never have enough streamlined and sensible ways to make onboarding easier, and I am thrilled that life is giving me this opportunity to spread the word on Hive and to hopefuly bring some really powerful individuals to the blockchain whose passions and spirits will enrich the network as a whole.

I will keep you updated as things unfold in the next days, I already have a feeling most rainbows onboarded will really dig this place and share with the wider community their skills, competencies and wisdom too multiply abundance for all!

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Nice @paradigmprospect I'm a newbie on hive and would love to learn more about Hive.That would really be a nice and quality content to deliver.

Many greetings to Nigeria!

read your introduceyourself post today and i feel you fit in to hive perfectly.

The only thing I can really tell you is that you should just keep going and not give up ever! If you pour your heart into this place with whatever it is you want to share with the community... you WILL reap the rewards in the long run and meet tons of interesting people along the way.

Your reaching out is already the best thing you can do to connect with people.


That's so sweet.
Thank you so much.
I will pour my heart into it.
I am really encouraged.

We all start out like it. Many leave because they loose hope, others pull through and just never give up on their greater mission on hive.

Find your tribes, take it one day at a time and you WILL eventually build something big!

Find your tribe take it one day at a time.
Beautiful thank you so much.