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RE: The first "call to action" film is complete: feedback please

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Hey Luca

Earthships really are the way forward. Seems so odd to me more people don't live in them!

As for the map you would have to ask @eco-alex. The map I created for the film showed only the communities I know of, in Bali, Mexico & a few around Europe.

We are currently living in a 17th century converted animal shed, under our village mayor! So, no earthship yet... but it is coming ;)

We are collecting a ton of fruit at this time of year which is being preserved in various ways for the winter. Lots of veg too is going in the dehydrator. Makes great chips!

If you are interested in the full 20min tour of the garden I have just uploaded it now:


Hi Sam, i will watch your garden tour a little later with more time ;)
Thanks for your Infos.
Stay blessed

No pressure my friend. There will be plenty more films...

In fact, I'm uploading another right now which I'm sure you're gonna love ;)


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Ah, i saw this one already...beautiful garden! :)