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It has been quite some time since a new update about the @TribeSteemUp project was released, and it seems like now is the time! With Steem Communities finally launching, SteemPeak Badges, and all the things we've been doing internally on our end... It's a lot to talk about.

So, in today's update, we'll be talking about a short list of things:

Before we dive in, let's just recap what @TribeSteemUp is, and how it got here. TSU was started by me (@KennysKitchen) in the summer of 2017. Originally, it was simply a way to make it easy for the many anarchist content creators I knew on the platform to support each other's content. After about 6 months, it finally got up to a vote worth more than $0.50, and then we had the blessing of receiving a large delegation from @JamesC, and I immediately opened things up and started adding tons of folks I had only found via Steem itself. Since then, we've gotten a Discord server, launched a variety of projects, including our Weekly Gems and Bi-Weekly Questions run by @Trucklife-Family, and TSU members have created other projects like @NaturalMedicine. Over this time, over 300 different people have been part of our Abundance Generator, and I've been trying to extend this abundance out to more people whenever possible. To learn a bit more, you can see the Pillars of TSU, as well as this recent history video that I released.

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Communities & Badges

As most of you probably know, Steem Communities have finally launched. At the moment, they function a bit on, and have full functionality on @SteemPeak, but I'm sure over time the whole ecosystem will integrate them. Communities are designed as a way to share content with a specific group, without cluttering up your blog feed, and to allow you to browse specific kinds of content, similar to the way tags work, but far more complicated.

Rather thank going into all the details & workings of Communities here, I'll simply leave you with a couple of links if you'd like to dive deep:

Another wonderful new feature that @Steempeak launched is badges, a way for teams/communities/projects to indicate who their members are, which is quickly visible on each member's profile page. For example:
20200223 11_04_37Kenny Palurintano  kennyskitchen _ SteemPeak.png

As you can see, TribeSteemUp already has our own badge, and our own community (thanks @riverflows!) At the moment, I think the main value here is quickly identifying TSU members, and you can subscibe to the community in order to see (and interact with) the conversations there. Hope to see you in the hive!

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The [upcoming] launch of @TribeWelcome

We all know that there are a LOT of new Steemians (not "Steemitans" Ned...) who have quite the struggle finding readership, getting noticed, and basically finding the abundance that Steem promises. With any luck, the marketing machine of TRON will increase the number of these folks joining our blockchain and trying to find their place.

In order to help new folks find their way to the communities that fit them, get a little encouragement, and see the kind of people-power that Steem has, we're launching a new project: @TribeWelcome.

Basically, the TSU Discord server now has a room specifically for highlighting STEEM newbies. Any one of us can drop a link in that room, to the post of someone new/undiscovered, and as soon as it is approved by one of the mods for that room, @TribeWelcome will give that post an up-vote, a re-steem, and leave a brief comment. This whole process will be operated by a bot that @QuocHuy is putting together for us right now.

We will also be encouraging members to head over and interact with as many of these new folks as they can. Finally, the one post that @TribeWelcome will actually be publishing itself will be a (perpetually updating) list of some of the Steem Communities that we think people might feel at home with.

How you can support this project:

  1. Follow @TribeWelcome so you catch the re-steems
  2. Follow the TribeWelcome Curation Trail, so your account votes on the posts it does
  3. Delegate to TribeWelcome, so that it's vote becomes more powerful
  4. Find your own way of encouraging new Steemians :-)

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The Projects @TribeSteemUp Supports

Thanks to TSU having so much SteemPower delegated to it, largely from @JamesC, as well as from many other Steemians, the account has also gotten a good little bit of STEEM of its own. Currently, 30,000 of that SP is delegated to some other Steem communities that we support:

These are just a few of the great projects on the Steem blockchain, and you can be sure that TSU will continue spreading support as things move forward. Currently, the projects that we support via delegation are, in alphabetical order:

  • @build-it - "Build-it is a community, born out of the need to empower and strengthen DIY (do it yourself) projects, How-to tutorials and life hacks. Among many others, was set up as a means to encourage and reward high-quality DIY and How-to projects."
  • @ecotrain - "@ecotrain is a global steem community gathered around the concept of natural giving, living in harmony with and actively making our world a better place. Changing the world starts with changing ourselves and the way we live, love, work and create together - as families, communities, tribes... ecoTrain is about new paradigms, fewer constraints, opened cage doors and treading more lightly - collectively. We deliberately and consciously curate those posts, blogs & vlogs which speak to the issues, challenges and needs of community living and the emerging steem ecoVillage communities around the world."
  • @familyprotection - ""Child Protection" Agencies are Taking Children Away from their Loving Families. These Families Need Protecting! *** JOIN THE FAMILY PROTECTION COMMUNITY"
  • @homeedders - "We started up in September 2019 to support home educators on Steem, both with moral support as a community and supporting homeschooling/unschooling content as well as other educational content pertinent to home educators. Home educators come from all walks of life and homeschool in all different ways. We love to share our experiences and ideas."
  • @informationwar - "A 100% voluntary group dedicated to Truth, Liberty, Freedom, Wisdom, Philosophy, Family Protection, Anti-Censorship, Decentralization, and more!"
  • @naturalmedicine - "Natural Medicine is a social media platform for enthusiasts of natural health; from herbalism and essential oils, food as medicine, meditation and spirituality - as well as the relationship of human beings to the natural world through wild-crafting, permaculture and other 'healthy' earth centered practices."

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New Tribe Members

If you've been around the Steem blockchain for a while, you know that people are always coming and going. That creator who's been posting once a day for the last 9 months might just go dormant suddenly, never to be seen again. Sometimes it personal life, sometimes it's due to getting into a flag war (or pissing off a whale), and sometimes we never find out. Sometimes that creator who was writing about freedom & self-improvement suddenly starts putting out violent racist content, and you've got to remove support (yes that actually happened with a past member.)

Regardless, the membership of TribeSteemUp is in a state of perpetual flux, and I'm quite happy to [finally] give an official welcome to our newest tribe members!

20200223 12_48_39Votes Info  Waterfox Classic Private Browsing.png
Generated via SteemReports

Ready for your homework TSU folks?

For everyone who is already a member of TSU, I've got two pretty simple asks for you. I would like to release a big "Get To Know The Tribe" post, and I need your help to do so. The post itself will be released in ~2 weeks, so please get your responses to me via comment below, Discord message, or Telegram message by March 8th, 2020.

  1. Please give a short (less than 200 words) description of you/your blog; what folks can expect if they follow you.
  2. Please give links to 3 posts that you feel represent the best introduction/encapsulation of your content.

I'll be reminding everyone in Discord, and probably via a comment for those who don't communicate much on the off-chain platforms.

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Thanks for reading, keep on Steeming!

Tribe Steem Up Community
TribeSteemUp Curation Trail (supporting our members)
TribeWelcome Curation Trail (supporting new/undiscovered Steemians)


We can't thank you enough for your selfless support. We will keep supporting new DIY'ers and ultimately make the world a better place for all.

Consider it done. Epic post. Grateful for support of @naturalmedicine and awesome Steem folk. Abundance means so much to people. It's great to be part of something that creates it, and in turn spread it around as I recieve myself.

Ah man, jeez, homework, really?

I hope I don't space it off when I get n front of a keyboard,...

Well it's all voluntary, so it's an invitation to do homework :-) You will be STEEMnancially rewarded if you do, I'm going to beneficiary up the post between everyone who submits one :-)

Yes, it is an opportunity, not a duty.
I made a draft from this tablet to remind myself.
Now I just need one day near 60f to get there, comfortably.

Hey, Kenny...I do appreciate the upvotes from the tribe and hope all the 'fuzzy ethics' surrounding Ned and this chain and the sale get worked out to the benefit of all those far below the capstone of the pyramid.
My home on Steemit has three primary themes: spiritual gnosticism; my riffvlogs on politics and economics, and my music whether my own songwriting or my jazz guitar musings. I'll link in order below:

Cheers, and let's hope for the best:) Oh, yes, I linked my playlists although that might not be what you asked for...

I fully support your mission and want to join TSU's discord, but no invite was added here. May I receive an invite?

Thank you

We just opened up the discord for the first time, it has been members only. Here's the link:

We appreciate all of your guy's support! :) We hare ouru community up, just made a post about it here

Thanks man!

wow so much going on in the new steemit community world. It feels like a big surge of positive activity. Brilliant!

Very grateful for the support of TSU. Looking forward to the new members and being able to support them as well!


thx for the mention ;)

Hey nice summary,

Thanks for the link/ mention and giving me some homework, my head's gone kind of dead just recently and the intro post task might help me kick start posting again!


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