How to play life in EASY MODE


Going through a tough phase in life?

Do you feel stuck in the same place and are not able to get out of it even after trying everything out there to change things?

Worry not.

There's a simple solution to changing the circumstances of your life.

You see, the problem lies in your consciousness.

You have gone through it for so long that you've fixed the image of a tough life in your consciousness.

And are just trying to change things in the outside world.

And failing at it, badly.

You have to understand that no matter how much you change things on the outside physically, it's going to return to it's default state- which is what you hold in your mind about your life.

What you need to realize is, there is a balance in the universe.

You can't put an orange seed and expect to get an apple tree, can you?

So, change the seeds that you are sowing in your mind or consciousness.

If you sow seeds of lack, or of you being a victim, its going to reflect in your outside world.

Sow seeds of abundance, of being a hero, surrounded by people who support you, being healthy, fit and wealthy and you will see that things will slowly start shifting in your life.

Literally every high achiever has used the same to get to where they are in life- Connor Mcgregor, Andrew Tate, Kobe Bryant to name a few.

Change the image you see of yourself in your mind and the images you see in the outside world will change.

There's no other way.

If you look in the mirror and mock the person looking at you, he's going to mock you back. (Because it is your own reflection.)

Same way, if you see the person in your internal mirror being worthless, poor, stuck, unhealthy, of low self esteem, you are going to see the same reflected back in your external mirror. (Because it is the reflection of internal you.)

All you have to do is change the image.

Automatically your actions in the outside world will change to reflect the changes in your internal world.

I have done this and it completely shifted the trajectory of my life.

Life is simple, we make it complicated.


Due to ignorance.

Most people's education ends after they finish school.

Don't be those people.

Keep learning.

If you took out the time to read this post till the end, thank you.

Hope you found something of value.

Leave a comment if you tried this and it helped you change your life.


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