Bitcoin (BTC / USD) In Ranges? - Up to $ 14000 dollars?

Does the price of Bitcoin move in ranges?

Let's see

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Bitcoin has broken out of the range that has been held for approximately 88 days repeating the previous price range cycle

3 months ago I made a post indicating the previous break, 88 days later the range breaks again.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-28 a las 2.26.15 p.m..png

Graph from 3 months ago

Previous post link

If we measure the previous range and project it, we can define a new range up to $ 14,000. The price of Bitcoin today has slowed down touching the dotted line, which indicates the center, of the new range.

This new range would be between $ 12,000 to measure a possible upward range that would take the price to $ 14,000

We can expect that in the coming weeks bitcoin will rise to its maximum and then correct, possibly remaining in the new range.

Captura de pantalla 2020-10-23 a las 9.25.51 a.m..png

Will we repeat the 88 days again in this range?

What you think?

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