Photographing The Turbaned Men of Mewar

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The Indian State of Rajasthan is a Complete Package.

A state filled with Royal Looking Palaces and Forts, Mouthwatering Food and Local folks who are very friendly and Photogenic.

Specially the Men, With the colorful Turbans on their head and some of them even having a thick Mushtache. They look pretty badass and make an awesome subject to photograph. I was lucky to have an opportunity to photograph some of these guys.

That is what I am going to show case today, Ill be sharing with you some of the Images of Mewari Men that I clicked and will narrate the stories behind them.

Mewar- Central South Region of Rajasthan

gaurd 2.jpg.png


I snapped this gaurd of Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur, while I saw him peep out and speak to one of his colleagues. All the guards of this fort have a traditional dress code of yellow and red colored turban and along with Kurta and Dhothi.

I have a lot of Images of these guards, but what separated this guy from the rest was his Mad Mewari Mustache.

I don't think he had a clue I clicked his picture.
It was a Sneaky one

Shutter Speed 1/100 sec
Aperture F/5
ISO 400
Camera Canon 80D
Lens Canon 50mm prime 1.8f lens

beggar 2.png

Rakth Talai,Rajasthan,India

Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
Aperture F/2.5
ISO 200
Camera Canon 80D
Lens Canon 50mm prime 1.8f lens

I was waiting for my bus back to My Hostel in Udaipur after visiting Kumbalgarh. Standing tired right next to a tea stall when some locals offered me free tea when the found out that I am a tourist. It was while I was sipping tea I found this man in the above Image smoking beedee.

Don't know what beedee is?

Its an Indian Cigerette where tobacco is wrapped in a leaf rather than a paper.
Can't tell how it is because I never smoked it.

Like most of the conversations , this one also started with a friendly smile, followed by questions about my whereabouts and inquiries about rest of my visit.

After noticing that this guy was friendly, I kind of asked him if it was okay if I click his picture.

To my happniess, He did oblige.

This is probably the best picture I photographed so far.
A picture that I am very proud of.



Shutter Speed 1/1000 sec
Aperture F/3
ISO 200
Camera Canon 80D
Lens Canon 50mm prime 1.8f lens

I was on my way in a bus to Srinath Ji Temple of Lord Krishna at Nathdwara when I saw this man standing right in front of me.
The bus was pretty small and cramped up, The roads were bumpy.
It was a hot day as well, So that din't help either.

I was pretty grateful that I got a seat.

Despite these hard conditions, This man dint have a small sign of regret on his face. He just stood there calmly.

When I pointed the camera at him, he gazed back at me with those eyes that were as fierce as a Tiger.

Honestly, It was a pretty hard shot to take because of the bumpy road.

With that, We have now come to the conclusion of this blog.

These were some of My Best Portraits of the Men from Mewar and I had great time photographing these guys.

Hope you liked it?

I have a few more, Will be sharing the them in the coming days.

Until then..




Cartoon Art by @turtledance24


Indeed, the turbaned men are an awesome photographic subject. I love the colors of their turbans and their tired faces with their deep and honest gaze.
I loved the second picture and I wish to travel one day to India to capture a lot of colorful pictures.
Thanks for sharing!!

Indeed great subjects to Photograph.
I would recommend you to Travel to West India (Rajasthan) if you ever come down
Thank for the compliment

Wow , they are the type of photographs that cost me the most to achieve because of the level of intimacy and personally I am also shy, however when those barriers are overcome and confidence is achieved the result is very good, nice portraits!

Well said my friend.
Its all about overcoming barriers.
Thanks for the compliment.

These photos are really well done. You know your art!

Thank you.
Glad you liked it.
Really appreciated you stopping by.
Cheers :)

awesome portrait. wish you well!

Great photography and as usual you made me curious to see and read more of your country. Well done BPM

Thanks Hetty.
You should come over if you get the chance.
You'll love it.

Oh man, if I could ... I would.