Here comes the Jupiter

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oxalis fuchsia 2.jpg
Oxalis triangularis

One lens,
One garden,
And dozens of blurry photos :P

oxalis fuchsia 1.jpg
Oxalis triangularis + Fuchsia

One thing comes to mind when I look at what I got:
"Not as seen on TV" :)
Or in Google in this case. I wanted to have this lens for a long time because of the bokeh effect. But then I tried it (my brother has it) and looks like I saved some money.
It is ok, but not exactly what I expected. There are better ones out there that will give the effect of bokeh bubbles and swirls, with less editing after.

bush jupiter bokeh.jpg
Some green bush that was on my way

delphinium garden jupiter 1.jpg

All those were shot one early summer day at my mums garden.
The navy blue Larkspur is one of the plants that starts to behave like weed. The little flowers produce pods filled with tiny little seeds. Every stem like that can produce hundreds of them. Then in spring they spout everywhere! There is few places that they are allowed to grow as the please. From other they are removed to give room for other plants.
I always liked them because of the little care they need and the intensive colour.

delphinium garden jupiter 2.jpg

delphinium garden jupiter 3.jpg

lavender buterfly jupiter.jpg
Lavender + some orange flying bug

pink rose jupiter 1.jpg
Must I really say what it is?

poppy buds jupiter .jpg

Shot with Sony a7R + Jupiter-9 lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg


the bokeh effect caught me attention. I really love it

maybe you tried to use manual focus and you didn't get to focus well.

Most times I switch to automatic focus whenever I have to take a lot of pictures. but don't worry about it, it happens to every photographer.

Oh yes... I love bokeh!

This lens doesn't have auto focus, so manual is the only way of shooting.

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Good afternoon. The main subject is sharp for clarity, whatever else is blurry. This is the whole effect and zest. Personally, I really like your photos and your shooting style. Thanks a lot for the interesting post. Have a nice day and good mood.

Thank you! I am glad you enjoy them.
There was a lot of very bad photos though :p

Must I really say what it is?

Do tell. Ain't never seen one of those before.

It one of those that bloom once in 7 years when the moon the night prior is blue and morning mist covers the ground. The bats will them come out from their caves and gently tap the tips of the plant to wake it up. In just few hours buds will form and at exactly 6:43 am when the sun is up the flower will open.
If course it is worth mentioning that they must be planted where there is no goats. The goat smell will stop them grow completely. Don't ask me why. No goats!
Dammit... now I forgot the name...

Why are you teasing me with your beautiful photos of beautiful flowers?

I am terrible :P

Agree ❤️‍ 😂 👍