Fire all around

Wow what a few weeks its been in crypto ! I started here in Dec 2017 and threw a heap of capital in at the peak and traded all the way down (like 97% down) in 2018. So it's interesting to watch it happening again and peoples reactions to it. As they say the first cut is the deepest and it feels a bit numb the second time so you have a much more objective view on things.

Hope everyone is well and not too stressed about the markets. A little picture I took of a fire closing in on Lennox head in Australia. Thought it seemed appropriate ;-) Need to get back here more.

Lennox Head Fire.jpg


Good time to not check your crypto balances. Go outside and enjoy a nice walk. Its beautiful green spring here. Find something real you enjoy and calm your mind 🙂
!gif flamingelmo

Yes, everything looks horrible right now - but we all know, it will come back on track sooner or later. Every fire ends finally...

Ya, I feel ya. I hate looking at the market right now, but I am just hoping I can get through this without selling any of it right now because once we do go back up, it should be pretty awesome