Intrepid Falls collection sold out

in PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC]5 months ago

Wow time flys when your having fun. I have been MIA on Hive while promoting the launch of my Intrepid Falls NFT collections over on Twitter. Excited to say since my last post here I have sold out all 66 pieces raising 23 ETH. The trading volume of the collection is now up to 46.9 ETH with over 20 secondary sales and one fall selling for 10ETH which has been great for the initial collectors. So that has all been quite exciting. Hive is still where my heart is; and I hope as I get more recognition in this space to bring more people over to the platform. But for the time being I need to focus over on Twitter which is where the NFT community is at large. You can check out a 3speak promo video showcasing the collection below.



What a cool collection!

I will have to try my NFT career as well :)

Congrats Robert! Awesome to see

Great collection and video. That is true a life time in the making.

Awesome collection, @intrepidphotos

Hope you didn't disappear. I don't follow much photography but I always loved your presence here.

I am still alive; will post more here just moved country and been busy.

Where are you moving? Unless it's a secret of course