Discovering Soul Cafe - Riverside Camping Vibes in Da Nang

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Discovering Soul Cafe - Riverside Camping Vibes in Da Nang

Hey Freinds,

In yesterday's post, I shared some mysterious nighttime photos shot under strange bulb lighting along a river. Today I'm revealing that surprising setting - a whimsical new cafe in Da Nang called Soul Cafe that blends outdoorsy camping vibes with a relaxing coffee shop. With colorful tents, grassy areas, and river views, it's a novel urban oasis.


SOUL Camping BBQ & Coffee

Adress: 02 Nguyễn Mậu Tài, Hoà Xuân, Cẩm Lệ, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Google Map link:

My friend brought me to this hidden gem located along the sandy banks of the Han River.


Approaching, it almost felt like we had stumbled into an actual campgrounds. A wooden pathway threads between tents, picnic benches, grassy yards, and shade trees.



But then the scent of fresh coffee gave it away - this wasn't just a campsite but a uniquely designed cafe concept. We picked a spacious tent furnished with wooden tables perfect for enjoying iced Vietnamese coffee while gazing at the river.



Servers buzzed around taking orders not for trail mix but BBQ and coffee.



Encircling the tents, grassy knolls dotted with chairs offered open-air seating. Wandering down to the river walkway, I found more lounging spaces overlooking the water. The vibe blended outdoors adventure with urban hangout seamlessly.



While we just popped in for a quick coffee, I spotted groups settling in for Korean BBQ lunches at the picnic tables. Others played Jenga on the grass while waiting for food. The communal feel felt like a hip camping party.



Next visit, I'm definitely keen to try Soul Cafe's spin on Korean cuisine (*If they have a vegertian option). But for now, their novel environment made for a fun weekend coffee break. The change of pace from city cafes to "glamping" cafes brought smiles and inspiration.


Have you encountered unconventional cafes like this before? Share in the comments below! Blending nature, community, and urban convenience makes for joyful experiences. Here's to more future adventures in Da Nang's quirky coffee scene.


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What a cool cafe! This is a nice place to bond with friends and family. It's so nice to just sit on the ground and gaze at the relaxing view of the surroundings.