Views from Saint Thomas (8 Pics)

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I was on duty helping transport friends to and from the boat this morning... but i stopped to get some nice surise shots of the sun cresting over the hills above the main town on Saint Thomas in the caribean


This is another side of the island during a different sunrise... i stayed a couple days after the sailing trip to explore the island a bit more.


Even took the rental down a sketchy dirt road... kinda hated the electrical poles at the time but it's not too bad now.

Most of the other shots were from up on the hills... but I spent some time down on some of the photogenic beaches like this one.


Somewhat the same location as the first shot... just a different time of the day.

And like usual I took a huge PANORAMA so had to share that one.
I've actually been to this island a couple other times on Cruise Ships... which you can see 3 of them lined up in the distance of this shot

This one you'll likely want to click on to view bigger... assuming you use


It does look like a nice place to visit and to get some nice sunset/sunrise pictures. That is one thing island life does offer, nice open spots to see both the sunrise and the sunset.

Haha yes that is true about sunrise and sunset. Fun way to look at it

WOW. very very succecsful shots. and excellent landscape. congrats dear friend.

after seeing the photos I think I added another 5 years to my life

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Very nice work