The beauty of the sea at the door of Kuala Aceh Indonesia

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Of course, this kind of beauty will captivate you, whether you see it or experience it. I can't imagine if at times like this I was at a location in the afternoon, the wind was blowing slowly as if we were enjoying a beautiful enchanting view before the sun sets.
I can see how the clouds often talk in this picture that I took. I saw Kuala at the sea entrance and I also saw the beauty of the sky and above with the dancing of these beautiful clouds, this is one of the beauties that we cannot see and that we can't even get. If the weather is cloudy, that means if the clouds are thick, we won't see this kind of beauty, but today, it's a sunny day. I can return several pictures of natural beauty like this, which is a joy for me.
Being a photographer means always wandering around in nature, both in the morning, afternoon and even in the afternoon, I still walk in nature to take beautiful pictures, take interesting pictures that are still very natural, which can then become a collection and I will even share them. to friends through my posts today.
If you like nature then these are the right pictures for you. However, if you love clouds then the return is also very suitable for you and if you also love beautiful seas, then this picture is also very suitable for you, it means that beauty is combined in one portrait of my post today.
If we look at sea water, I can take this picture, it is sea water that is receding so that you can see land in the middle of Darmaga or Kuala. This place where sea water comes in and out is one of the places that is also visited by people, both for fishing when the water recedes and also picking up shellfish which they will later sell as a form of livelihood which is also carried out by communities around the sea or docks.
Some of the pictures that I have taken as examples are enough information that part of the beauty that we have in the Banda Aceh area of ​​Indonesia is the sea and that is one of the main incomes for the people living on their beaches. Enjoying this beauty and also taking advantage of conditions like this.
I took these beautiful pictures using my smartphone camera Samsung A20s with a point at the location in Lhokseumawe Aceh Indonesia.
That's my post today and here are some pictures with writings that I have formulated as briefly as possible so that it becomes a quality and useful post for all of us and also greetings to the seniors who are in this large community. These are my pictures. which makes a post with the hope that friends like it.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
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