Blu-Ray, Glycol, Flashlight

in PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC]4 months ago


Bored and unable to sleep, I came across a quick photography trick that I had all the tools to easily recreate. All you need is a few drops of Glycol, (E-Liquid for Vapes usually includes Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Both will do fine as long as they are clear.) a blu-ray or DVD disc, flashlight, and a dark room. At least, I found it worked better in the dark.


I placed the flashlight on an object near the disc, then started to move the camera about until I saw some cool colors flashing through the lens. I could not find my tripod mount so I had to continually focus, causing me to miss some of the shots. Ahh well. Such is life. They still turned out great, no?




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Very cool trick, never heard of this. The second to last image almost appears to have water droplets, not sure what effect created those spheres, perhaps those are the actual drops of glycerin?

Thanks! I think they didn't form good orbs of glycerine because I had them on the bluray for about 10 minutes and the last few shots they were tilted a bit. I wonder of coating the dvd in some hydrophobic material would work well with water. 🤔