Lessons from MCGI CARES PROGRAM Held on Zoom on November 25,2022

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What I learned:
What the scripture says about salts.
Salt is very important for humans. It is used for cooking and seasoning food. It can be used for preservation of food. In Mark Chapter 9, verse 50, the Bible says that salt is good. And in job chapter 6, verse 6, the Bible says that souls give taste to food. Real Salt is good, salt that comes from the sea. Salts contain various minerals and without minerals our bodies cannot absorb vitamins. When the Bible says salt is good, the Bible refers to the original salt, the salts that scientists have not added any chemicals to. We are the salts of the earth, so we should flavour the earth. The duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments.

Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to teach others to observe all that he has commanded them. So we should understand how to fulfill the laws of Christ. And the laws of Christ is good, holy, and just. Colossians, chapter six, verse two, charges us to bear one another's burden to fulfill the laws of Christ. Not hearers are justified by doers of the law. For us to know how to fulfill the laws of God. Then we must acknowledge the doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We should not separate ourselves from relative because of disagreements. The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers. So we should make peace and even love our enemies.
We should seek peace. In the manner of God. Matthew Chapter 18 verse 15 admonished us to point out our brothers fault to him in secret, not publicly to embarrass him. So as Christians, we shouldn't keep distance, but take steps. To make peace, to gain our brethren. We should forgive for God to forgive us. When we make peace. We shall be called the children of God. God has mercies on those who have mercy. He forgives those who forgives fellow men. So the principles of God, is that what we do for fellowmen, God will do for us. So we should do good to fellow men, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, in order to benefit from God.

I don't have any opposing believe regarding this teaching.

We should seek peace instead of separate from our brethren.
As salts of the earth, we should flavour the earth.

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