Mass Indoctrination Day 3 Held on Zoom on November 30,2022

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What I learned:
Prayer should not be full of vain repetition of words because God is not deaf not to hear us. Our God can hear us even before we start to call on him. It will do us so much good if we know that there is a God listening to us when we are in trouble and he will help us out. In this world, there are so many times that we will experience being helpless. It is only God that can help us out. So it is necessary for us to know how we can call upon him the right manner of praying that God will answer us. In John Chapter 9, verse 31, the Bible says that God does not hear sinners, but he hears those who do his will. So we should purge ourselves from all unrighteousness and do the will of God. And walk uprightly before God, Because God delights in the prayers of the upright, but the prayers of sinners are abomination to God. So we have to be upright before God so that our prayers can be heard by God. Prayers should not be full of any repetition, should not be repeating words. We should make our prayers as brief as possible. Prayer is a communication, a private communication with God.

Matthew Chapter 6 verse 7 admonished us, not to use vain repetition, when we pray. There is no need to repeat prayers because our God can hear us if only we are righteous before him, so we should. Rather than repeat words in prayers make ourselves righteous so that even a little prayer that we offer God will answer. In Isaiah Chapter 65, verse 24, it is recorded that God will hear us and answer us even before we start to call on him, because he knows our need. He knows where we are touched. He can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. So God always hear our prayers. If we are righteous, we should avoid lengthy prayers. For our prayers to be accepted by God, We should make our prayer, A private discussion, not to show it to everyone. Not to do like the hypocrite always standing to pray, but we should bow our knees when we pray. To reference God and to show him utmost respect. We should seek forgiveness of sins when we pray.

If our brothers offended us, we should forgive him. When we pray that God also can forgive us of our own offenses and hear us when we pray. We should reference God and kneel down. We should kneel down horizontally to worship God. In first Corinthians Chapter 11 verse 4. When men pray, they should not cover their head. But when women pray or prophesied, they should cover their head to show the sign of authority over them. So prayer should not be full of and repetition should not be lengthy. Because God can hear us like when we pray, we should kneel down to reverence God. As men, we should not cover our head, but women should cover their head when they pray.

I didn't have any opposing believe regarding this teaching.

Prayer is a private discussion with God and should not be full of vain repetition of words.

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If our brothers offended us, we should forgive him.

We are taught by God to always forgive whoever transgressed against us.