Mcgi cares program held on zoom 22/11/2022

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I learned that we should be kind to one another even to those who are not our family or friends.
That doing good is very crucial in our life as christians.
I learnt that reaching out to people is one way to show love and extend helping hand to those in need.
Doing good is one major aspect children of GOD should put into consideration.
Just as our government put into consideration to serve the people,its also the way christians should put into consideration the happiness of others by rendering help and assistance and in doing so people who are not yet christians will turn from their ways and turn to GOD.
Things our happening around the world wether good or bad things and such news put people in a tensed situations but it our job as christians to preach and share good news with our help to others
I learnt that every good news come from heaven through the Bible and everything that comes from heaven is always a good thing.
There is a newscaster in heaven that is telling the good news and he is the LORD JESUS himself
The one bringing the news of salvation is JESUS.
During the course of the MCGI program,bro Dan asked or made a statement about if its one time,its one time and then people were asked about the saying which is if its one’s time it’s one’s time.
So many opinion’s from different people.
Some said yes that if it’s ones time its is ones time and some say that it is only GOD that can determine and that our life is borrowed that GOD is the owner of the life we have so he alone can decide.
Bro Eli said that ones death can be decided by GOD and he said they are two ways about it..he said that it’s either one dies old or young.
So bro Eli later emphasized on it and said that those who fear the GOD..he will add more days and years to one’s life and that if one is not an obedient child of GOD he wont pay attention to the person and that person may die young.
GOD is not happy with smokers and smokers are liable to die young.
I have learnt that we should always help any in need who comes to us that we may never know how tomorrow will turn out for us..but a little help given out to anyone in need can go along way in the life of the person and this is what MCGI is teaching us
We should be considerate of our fellow man.
There is joy that is derived from helping others.
Those asking for help are human beings just like us and we should always put ourselves in their shoes
GOD has commanded us to love our enemies and do good to our brethren without expecting a reward from them.
If we have opportunity to do good,we should not hesitate to do it.


Bro Eli said that ones death can be decided by GOD and he said they are two ways about it

The plan of the Lord is always good for all of us, if we love God and obey His commandments everything will happen for the good of us