My name is Lazeez Sodiq Olawale. A Nigerian, graduate of Marine engineering. Am a Christian, though I have a Muslim background my father Muslim and my mum been a Christian still not opportune to see Christ. I was born in Early 90's.
My journey of Christianity started in the year 2008 when I moved from Ibadan to Lagos to started living with my uncle which devoted christian and my encounter with Christ and journey of faith started when I attended a programme organized by youth of the church.
A message on Salvation ( those that are save, stand for others salvation). By pastor Tunde Ojo. The district pastor of Gospel Faith mission international.i was touched and that was how my journey of new soul begins.
I was introduce to Hive by @fatherfaith. And he makes me to understand that this is a bible reader community that teaches and preaches the wordand share the scriptures to edify the the spirit and keep building my spirit.
I am glad to know about this and that's why am here and also joined. Thanks.