Plan to sell West African Historically/Culturally accurate Themed Telokanda Superhero NFTs on Opensea to raise ethereum and Wax to airdrop to the most loyal international KANDA token holders that purchased the most KANDA

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If you feel bad because you bought what you feek was too much hive or telos KANDA at a price that was too high.... just make a post on hive in this hive telokanda community or using #kanda hashtag and tell us why you feel you deserve a boost of ethereum from kanda aftican NFT sales from profits I hope to gain for kanda users ensure everyone who bought kanda feels whole. I don't think we have many low income $KANDA richlist members who ever bought a significant amount of kanda on hive or telos ....

But for those who did I have a plan to avoid buyers remorse... to stave off regret.... to ensure no one feels bad for buying kands .... it includes selling nfts of African Magic heroes using cultural history of Ghana and Nigeria... like nfts using a more historically accurate version of wakanda based on real Nigerian folk lore and religions and using Nigerian artists and our hive nft artist web-gnar who has proven to be able to make thousands of dollars or multiple ethereum from his own nfts i helped train him to get into thanks to the ex girlfriend of the richest man in earth: elon musk ...his ex girlfriend grimes...and her metaverse discord which allowed us to get some fame last year

Thanks to her community we were inspired to make the metaverse nft demos... and then web-gnar from steemit/hive was able to make his own nfts based on Vincent van go and western european art history ...

So now I plan to launch new blockchain hero style nfts in style of Nigerian historical art and magic....

If we can make them as fun as cryptopunks or bored ape yacht club... we have a real chance of earning enough ethereum to airdrop to our most loyal kanda bag holders

This plan is based on something fun fast and easy ... based on work we've already proven we can do together

When we execute this African nft plan we should get mainstream attention.... IF the artwork and nft trading cards are high quality enough and some of the profits donated to hive projects like hive/telos users and witnesses mcsamm and collinz and guiltypleasures and hive dao work on BOREHOLE water access wells in Ghana and Nigeria with telokanda and telos logos on the monument plaques ...jump starting telokanda in the process

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It is interesting to see how google displays hive borehole when searched. Thanks for helping to make this possible. Getting the mainstream attention is such a wonderful inspiration @ackza

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@tipitbot airdrops of TLOS, WAX and KANDA inside the @telokanda telegram here

that sounds very cool! 👍 I hope it gets a lot of notice..

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Its too bad all my recent posts were downvoted to zero after i made one post expressing my opinions on ukraine and vaccines tho. I guess its no politics allowed on hive which is sad

:( awww man, that sux! i didn't think hive was like that..