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Welcome To Ethereum Paradise

We are new Inovation of Crypto Discord server, we reward YOU for becoming ⭐Active!

By 🎮playing, 🖱️Interacting, ☑️Completing
You will get REWARDED💰

You might be Asking, how do we reward YOU for becoming active and do this thing
Alright so this is the answer, we use a unique bot that reward you for talking
If you know, it is the same function to get EXP, by chatting

It is not chatting we pay you for, we have some several Task or we can call it OFFERWALL🎯
We pay you for simple task, rather than installing apps and others, we pay you for Completing Shortlink, joining servers, Sign up and many more

Feels bored to chat? no one active on the channel? well no problem, we have our 🎮Games bot that will help you get REWARDED instead of spamming

Feel generous? Wanted to help our Project? You can buy our special role, by buying the roles you will have benefit that normal citizen cant have

Advertiser? Project Leader? Refferal Hunters?
No problem we also have your solution on our server, we have some top notch ads places you can rent for cheap prices
Rent for Offerwall, Rent for Faucet ads, Rent for hourly ads or just post a link at Advertisement channel

Coin Developer?
Yes we need you, we can become a partner to provide our citizen a whole new experience, access to our Discount Ads, make your coins withdrawable on our server
If you want to get the detail, DM GameWatch21#2925

We didnt do rains, why is that? Instead of pinging you all, we will give you REAL money💰 in one ping instead getting rain of random coins
We also focused on making a good community for our citizen, we try our best build up a community while we reward them to become one

This wonderful Paradise is created by
Un gato con un arma#6116
Assisted by our Local Police

Thank you to,
tip.cc [ https://tip.cc ]
LIT [ https://discord.gg/98QN5w8 ]
FRFY [ https://discord.gg/444EQwf ]
Laccs Faucet [ https://discord.gg/CQ8xPsX ]
And all Citizen that support our project on early month

Official Website: https://eth-paradise.glitch.me
Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/dxwvxeR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EthParadise

Follow my Account to get Updates about new news and Ethereum Paradise Update

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