-> Asking @avral (golos witness) from to help us fork wallet page for displaying KANDA, TLOS, and have a keychain login and "login with discord" buttons!

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Here is a mockup of the future website based on the wallet page of telos alcor exchange here that will be used to unify all telokanda accounts in one website to help manage your KANDA rewards, NFT based and hive community post based Advertisements and with all the deposit withdraw and swap and trade functions and buttons all in one place


you would start by forking the github for @alcorexchange by @avral



Come discuss this with @avral from golos and @alcorexchange here

Come discuss @telokanda here

Come to our discord where people have earned thousands in tips over the years thanks to @citimillz and myself, mostly citimilklz doing thousands of dollars worth of airdrops over the last 2 years! type in $top and see for yourself who the top tippers are!


Post here on telokanda community hive htt[://

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@thiagorewards you inspired me to ask @cryptomancer or @gerber if i can add #telos to telokanda scot bot, i may have to re pay for it all over gaain, which kinda sucks lol but theyt may refundme, i dunno well see, i firstneed more users, and then i nee dto get peopel using teh community in teh first place, and i may nee dto change teh community, dunno if we have acces sto this hivemidn account, i notice thiagod oesnt have a community? just a hashtag?

and its so smart to have used #eos, i want to get that for telokanda using #telos so all telos posst just show up, i only doidnty do that befroe because i wante dtelos to have its own tribe but telokanda should be that as thiago will eb the4 EOIS based hive community

re4gardlesswe dont need to really make much changes tteher ,im still admined so i can make all tehchanges, just cant add a profile pic to this hivemind

damn typos lol so laggy when i use mobile keychain app, no time to gho correct the typos must keep talking!

I have a big plan for thiagorewards to have a custom wallet outpost page

we also need to ask @avral about that THIA token soon which i can have created foryou and send you keys to teh eos account id have made called thiagoreward 12 chaarcter,s sound good? YThen you can change teh keys

butf irst come to alcor exchange teelrgam lets discuss it all with avral!

 last year  

Oh dont forget on the very right or another page we will take the old and retool it for telokanda telos nft ad market using simpleassets nfts in telos and ads paid for usong kands ro buy the telos nfts like i had already running a few years ago when telos alcor nfts were working before @avral switched from simpleassets to atomicassets

We need to bring back simpleassets on telos alcor and have this custom telokanda app site use a simple display of nfts as ads you can buy and have displayed on your twitter or hive blog

hello community, eager for the new changes that allow us better management and access