New Effective Max Supply of $KANDA on both Hive or Telos is now 100 Million or 100,000,000 KANDA, reduced from 1B- a 10x decrease! + 100 HIVE $KANDA buy back happening on Hive-Engine over next 3 months 1 HIVE a day from dlease payouts

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900 million KANDA has been issued and burned on both @telokanda hive engine $KANDA and the pegged @privex gateway equipped telokandaone on telos

This represents an effective 10x decrease in possible future supply. Now we can never go over 100M! We will now have a good amount of KANDA to release into BSC/ETH ecosystem as PKANDA or BKANDA / WKANDA

Hive Engine $KANDA token info


Telos $KANDA token info


$KANDA on telos @alcorexchange

$KANDA on Hive-Engine DEX @hive-engine

Now we are buying back 100 HIVE worth of kanda over the next 3-5 months with 0.7 to 1 HIVE a day from @dlease delegation from @ackza account supplemented with a few other hive engine token rewards from otehr tribes. This way we will ensure at least 1 HIVE a day in buy orders or volume and the buying back of millions of KANDA , at current prices.

What will we do with this kanda besides burn some of it? We will keep it in the @telokanda account soon to be locked with a tokensdao system, on hive, as that becomes available, but on telos telokanda one we will LOCK the contract , make sure the @privex gateway and @cryptomancer and @someguy123 can change the gateway account from telokandaone to theri own steemenginex so no new kanda can be issued only transfered , and we will make sure theer is more than enough kanda to back any peg gateway conversions,

then we will have a few million kanda for large promotions, giveaways (in small amounts) and most importantly the KANDAO on telos

image.png test poll

we will be able to hopefully soon post proposals and actually vote on them, i paid 20 TLOS for the group, althought no one can vote as you cant stake the voting tokens yet, but Kylan from telos works will work ion thsi and helped update TWICE while i was in the telegram testing thinsg with him. But i still cant us ethe dao i paid to create, so hopefuilluy theyll fix that, and allow the dao to actually do something to issue tokens from telokandaone or a telokandaoio account

Also, a few million KANDA now staked to @citimillz and @ackza will be used for seling KANDA as ETH and BSC on uniswap/pancake swap to raise funds for developers and building THIS


if anyone could us to fork @alcorexchange there will be payment in ethereum/.bsc kanda when teh pegh is up or telos or proton when we get bounties, or hive when we sell more kanda on teh market etc.

i promise youll end up with super valuable skills to combine hive and antelope (eos telos wax proton )

Hive+Anchor+Discord login like this is the holy grail i think, i know leo finnce may have the devs i need, with their multiple logins even metamask etc , id want metamask too, for this Telokanda hive engine dashboard which i would release for ALL hive engine tokens to have , so they can display their eth/bsc pegs and hive engine pegs and or antelope pegs in onew wallet front end , and even display hive posts from teh community and all the rewards from the hive posts and the tipcc doiscord airdrops all in one web page


@alcorexchange by @avral to fork to build the kanda hive telos discord front end dashbaord which i believe is a great template for ALL hive engine tokens to have!