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Telokanda is a TELOS, HIVE, EOSIO blockchain based smart contracts that uses Ads to rewards users for taking actions. The platform was initially built on the Telos blockchain and later on, the team established a Community on Hive Blockchain where you can subscribe to here The team also launched a super active Nitrous site where community members are rewarded for either creating contents via the site or staking KANDA token, the Telokanda native token. With the use of the Telokanda Nitrous site Hive platform users can earn both HIVE and KANDA when they create contents or curate other contents in the nitrous site or use #telokanda as one of their tags when publishing the post.

Our aim and objective is to educate a large number of Africans about Blockchain technology and the benefits of investing in Cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that our target is focused at Africans, our community accommodates people from all around the world. We have used our platform to help onboard hundreds of users to Hive blogging platform, Telos Network and guide them on how to own EOS wallets.
KANDA is Telokanda's native token available on Hive-engine, ALCOR exchanges and Newdex where users trade with the
KANDA/TLOS Trading pair. You can buy or sell KANDA using the trading pair link below:)

The Telokanda Discord is a very active Telokanda community where the team gives away free Tokens like BTC, HIVE, KANDA, EOS, ETH etc to community members using the @tip_cc bot, @tipitbot and @kandabot to host Airdrops, Redpackets, Redenvelopes, Trivias, as a way to help Crypto noobs earn Crypto and understand how Cryptocurrency investment and Blockchain technology works. Our Hive, Telegram and Twitter communities are also super active.

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Have your PROMOTED Telokanda nitrous post show up every hour on our Discord for other community members to read and support.

Read Telokanda whitepaper here


Visit Telokanda website here



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please post this to our Instagram (which should auto post to our facebook and twitter ! @citimillz @empato365 were close to greatness we just need to connect a few dots and produce a lil paperwork to show off the very valuable test bed we have enacted and have been battle testing...weve proven the viability of a lot of blockchain social defi tech and yes it is defi we just need to promote that more AFTER we finish converting telos kanda to a telos works decide smart contract which @dapperd will help me get started on right path to do myself and teach you both, as its cutting edge brand new governance tech
but then new kanda cant be issued without the voting and proposal system

having to ask for proposals and seeing worker proposals come in and having the chance to YES NO and ABSTAIN vote

discord has so much bot n smart contract potential

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A very awesome community where you can earn

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heres 100 KANDA to distribute to friends before we have an erc20 and uniswap token!


Wonderful community... discord and telegram channels always very active and with interesting topics... weekend discord party is also very nice...

Hey, Telokanda Community! Let’s trade KANDA at NEWDEX to keep the volume on top. trade.gif

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i wish i could tip u somehow cuz upvotes wontworkpast a few days,
iduno how tipu works @tipu @cardboard canutiphim 1 hive?

how cant i justnot tip anyhive enginetoken? we need @banjo to work in comments how doesnt it work yet @inertia maybe we actualy need @tipitbot or @tipcc

 last year  

heres 1 doge , we also have KANDA on !! You can trade KANDA DIREDCTLY for BITCOIN USDT USDT TLOS via PBTC PETH all of those etc


I like telokanda discord server for many activity.Helpfull team. I wish good luck telokanda

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thank u sir, i wish we could tip satoshis directly on here, well i can but manually


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Telokanda has come to stay and we will introduce many more Africans as well as people from all around the wold to blockchain technology and make them see the need of becoming Crypto adopters!

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I just tipped you 10 swap.telos