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Task No. 4

Announcing good news about Telos

Ambassador Telos, Serious Game

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The Telos Ambassador game has the purpose of promoting the knowledge of Telos network in blockchain at a global level, it also has the goal of obtaining 1000 Ambassadors around the world.

The goal is ambitious but not impossible to achieve, if you are interested in being a Telos Ambassador in the city where you live, please go to @chrisaiki on your Telegram profile for more details.

Task number 4 consists of communicating in the different networks and social media the news and other knowledge about Telos network on Blockchain.

I have done the work in my networks and social media since 2019 on a voluntary basis, in 2020 I joined the Telos Ambassador game and now I am pleased to show part of the work done with a lot of effort and love.

Steemit Social Media

Social Media Hive

Some articles are published from the TeloKanda frontpage.

Social Media

Work done in Social Networks Social media

1.- Twitter

2.- TelosNow Discord

Owner and administrator: @ackza

Administrator: Victoria Flores, username on Hive and Steemit @victoriaxl

feel free to join us

3.- Telos Discord

Telos has a lot to offer for dapp developers and the general public. Examine the projects that make up the Telos ecosystem,

For more information on Ambassador Telos,

Telos Community on Telegram,
The gathering place for those who make Telos blockchain

Telos embajador.png
Image used with permission for the Telos Ambassador Game


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