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Let me help you FIND ME or find whatever you might be looking for. LETS GO BRANDON. In this article here, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the purpose of this page. I've included a few links which might help you in your journey. I encourage you to print this post out to serve as a reference point just in case someday as the future is unpredictable.



My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold.
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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-11-12 - Friday | Published in November of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Purpose of this Post:

I want to help you find me both online and offline because you might want to.

There may be different reasons why you would want to find me. You may want to look at some of my videos, articles, photos, memes, websites, posts, comments, forums, messages, ideas, questions, answers, my Oatmeal Daily posts, avatars, pictures, images, concerns, movies, documentaries, other things that I may be sharing with the world at times, whatever else there may or may not be out there, etc, etc.

But who are you?

My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold at Joeyarnoldvn and I am the author and publisher of the Oatmeal Daily posts among other things. I've been doing a wide variety of things for years now, I don't have time to talk about all of that right now, the point of this article is not about who I am or what I do meaning I will simply assume you already know who I am and everything else we can think of.

Rough Draft Outline

This post is not really going to be a thorough investigation regarding every single avenue of how you can find me, I feel ever so nerdy to state the obvious, assuming this is common sense to those who still have some. My goal is to try to provide links and perhaps some advice regarding how you might find me online. I have to say I am not really going to talk too much right now regarding how to find me offline. I may want to talk more about offline related matters more in the future.

Oatmeal Martyr

If my Daily Oatmeal posts are not being published each day, it is possible I was arrested or even murdered.

In other words, if you don't hear from me in a while online, maybe I was murdered or taken to prison or something. I will never ever commit suicide, that is me, Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Hocking Pickett Pickell Henderson Vanderbyl of the United States, of Europe, of the Netherlands. I was born in 1985 in Oregon and I must stress that I could be put in the Covid Camps or prison, jail, dungeons, concentration camps, reeducation camps, etc, whatever they may want to call it. I should probably write some posts and disclaimers and different things regarding at least some of these rather vague and general topics at hand. But other people are being put in prison. Had I went to the Jan6 thing, I would probably be in jail right now alongside hundreds of other people who were put there. I am not going to talk too much about how I may someday be in jail for standing up for freedom. I encourage you to continue to spread my content with the world. Feel free to steal my stuff. I care more about getting truth out there than I do about who gets the credit. I'm also not going to talk too much about how the Clinton Crime Family or others may poke two gunshots to the back of my head and call it a suicide right into a random river. I am willing to die for freedom. I will continue to do what I do. I'm not going to talk all about what I do right now in this post, it's a very long story and I encourage you to FOLLOW ME for more information on that. Remember that the control freaks try very hard to kill leaders of the patriot movements. The good news is that people are waking up all around the world. I know that I am currently not as big as like Alex Jones, Trump, Tucker Carlson, etc. And on one hand, that is true in some ways. And that can be good and bad, long story. But on the other hand, it doesn't really matter if I am or am not as big as Alex Jones of Infowars or as big as others. What really matters is passing things on. And I pass things on to you and you pass things onto the next person.

Outline Summary

I probably should come back and update this post or these series of posts as soon as I can to better summarize where you can find me online and how you can find me online because I feel like I may not be able to do you or do it justice at the moment. So, this is an extremely incomplete outline of just some of the places you might find me. This is a rough draft outline. This list of links and ideas is not complete. I encourage you to use keywords to find me if you have to. Look at my name and other key information as clues to where you might find me. Someday, some websites may be down or may have moved. So, links can and may BREAK meaning you should Google Search for my username, JOEYARNOLDVN, and the date for example, like 2021-11-12, to find my Oatmeal Daily posts, the URL, the web link, will generally be just the date after the domain name and username part of the link. You can try different search engines and different combinations of words. A website can be temporarily or permanently down or gone all together. But you might be able to find me if you are smart enough, lucky enough, or if you are able to guess enough times via search engines on different websites. So, again, come back someday to see if I ever update this post. I may even move some of the text here to other web pages, posts, comments, places, etc. I may be trying to clean up and edit this post to make it shorter and more simple. I may include links so you can see some of these things I am writing here and maybe other things too. I know I'm being wordy, redundant, etc, right now as I am writing all of this. I am doing that on purpose in order to be as to the point and as detailed as possible. The irony is I'm not being detailed about how you can find me. I've included a few links including how to CONTACT ME both online and offline. My Contact page should probably be the starting point when you are looking for me. I think it is valuable to know how to find me.

How can you find me?

Find me by searching Joeyarnoldvn plus yesterday's date. You can try to find me via that method or try different keywords and combinations therein via different search engines. You can also apply some of these searching skills to other things you might be looking for both online and offline. So, I hope my life can inspire you and those around you.

Have you tried some of my links?

I've provided a few links which may help you find me or find whatever you might be looking for. There are more links out there that might be able to help you in some ways. But this post here serves as a small starting point as to where you can go and what you can do regarding this subject, this topic, this theme, this big world that we live in. Well, it is also a small world too at the same time.

Starting Point

This post serves as a starting point. I am trying to teach you to think on your feet regarding how to better use search engines. This post is not finished. I have to say that again. This article is not done. That fat lady did not sing. The cows are not home yet. I am trying very hard to teach you the skills to master search engine surfing. I mentioned a few things on this page regarding how to find me. You might need to know if things change. A web-link can change and break if a domain-name change. I've given you some advice on how to find me and yet that might not be enough. But use this article as a starting point and print this page out. Print out this article. Write it down. Save it in your email. Well, you don't have to, but that is what you would do if something is very important. Someday, there may be no Internet or power where you are living. Be ready for that. I want to come back and update this post with more details. I may move some of these paragraphs of texts on this page to other pages and articles. I will try to provide links here so you can click on them and go to these other web pages where all of these paragraphs of wordy text can be found. Like I said, I'm being wordy right now on purpose. I'm trying to be as boring and as clear as possible. I hope I put you to sleep right now. Go to sleep little boy. Great song Used to sing at WOLBI Ranch Camp around 2004-2006 as a camp counselor. Again, I'm not going to talk too much here about myself and everything. I'm also not including all of the different search engines out there. I've included a few search engines on this page which you can try. You can also Google for other search engines which might be able to help you as well. I've also not included all different keywords you can use when trying to find me on the world wide web. I may try to talk more about some of that in the future. There are a wide variety of things I want to talk about and continue to talk about regarding some of these topics at hand in future articles and episodes. So, this body of text and the thoughts therein will be continued. Alright, hold onto your oatmeal, to be continued, thanks for reading, take care and God bless and may the Oatmeal be with you forever and ever, amen.

Check out my Daily Oatmeal Posts

I welcome you to the Oatmeal Daily with your host, Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Each day, I publish these entries, posts, articles, web pages. This is mostly a personal blog, diary, journal, or autobiography. However, some of this may be useful, applicable, inspirational, educational, entertaining. However, the template here is mostly that of a boring log. I've included my watch log near the bottom of this post listing some of the videos I've viewed. At the very bottom are some of my favorite links worth sharing.

Advice Regarding How-To Find Me Online

You can find my blogs hosted and mirrored on different websites. Google my display name, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, lookup my username, Joeyarnoldvn, type in random keywords like 1985 Oregon, etc, in order to find out where you can find me on different websites, social media networks, blockchains, other links, other sites across the Internet, or click here. The web address or URL for my blogs is/are generally domain-name / @joeyarnoldvn. Just replace domain-name with the name of the website. It might be Peakd . com or Ecency . com or Steemit . com or Hive . Blog, etc, etc. My main official username or display-name for most social media apps, blockchain networks, websites, email addresses, forums, message boards, bulletins, sites, etc, is JOEYARNOLDVN or joeyarnoldvn, as in @joeyarnoldvn. It is a hashtag or tag as well. That is my username. It is simply my name, Joey Arnold, plus VN meaning Vietnam. It is generally not case-sensitive. You can find me on many different places online and offline. I'm going to present some of the places you might find my blog in case you can't find it someday, this will help you know where to look. Some websites may automatically edit the following links below meaning you would have to manually correct the URLs. For example, if you're viewing this on Ecency, then PeakD and Hive Blog links are automatically turned into Ecency links meaning you will not see actual links to Ecency or Hive Blog via Ecency. PeakD did this too but not any more last time I checked. Also, Hive Blog does not do it either. Currently, I'm only seeing Ecency change PeakD and Hive Blog links into Ecency links. But there may be others that do it too. Click here to see a more complete and thorough list of the different places where you may find my blogs, diary, journals, articles, posts, etc. My Oatmeal Daily posts can be found via different websites on the Internet. For example, here is a list of a few of those places as follows:
Ausbit . Dev:
Blurt Blog:
Blurtter . com:
Dream-Real . com:
Ecency . com:
Esteem . App:
Hive Blocks . com:
Hive . Blog: |
Leo Finance . IO:
Online Buzz . com:
Staging-Blog Hive . IO:
Stem . Open Hive . Network:!/@joeyarnoldvn
Peakd . com: |
Personal . Community:
Read . Cash:
Steemd . com:
Steem KR . com:
Steemit . com:
Steem World . Org:
Sub Stack . com:
Waivio . com:
Weed Cash . Network:
Google Search:
Duck Duck Go Search:
And feel free to add to this list or to make your own, have fun and good luck. Are some of the links not working? If some of my links don't work, it's probably because I've not written or published those pages, posts, etc, etc, yet. Yeah. Not yet maybe. Still working on it. Think of it like a website that is under construction. But a really big website. I literally include links to future articles and much more, to be continued as always. If some of my links are broken, you can let me know or you can come back later and try again. I've linked to future articles, posts, web-pages, websites, URL links, which I've not written yet or have not published online yet. But you can also try swapping out the domain name part of the link with a different one. For example, the domain I'm currently focused on (as of 2020) is Hive . blog. That is not case-sensitive meaning it can be hIVe . blog or HivE . BLoG. In other words, it doesn't matter which letters are capitalized (uppercase) or not (lowercase). Also, the domain has no spaces in it, meaning hive . blog becomes Depending on the website, following the domain can be the username. So, in this case, it's forward-slash at (@) username. My username is joeyarnoldvn. Some websites skips that at symbol part (generally if they're not a blockchain-style site, they skip the at symbol part in the URL) and goes directly to the username. Some websites may include the web-page section of the link first followed by the domain name. With Hive Blog, it begins with, it follows with the username, and then it ends with the web-page link or section which is generated based off the title of the post. So, if my link doesn't work, try swapping out for example peakd . com or ecency . com or steemit . com or you can try other domain names and websites and pages and URLs and sites and links and hyperlinks and everything and anything else you can imagine too, as well. You can also try googling or searching via Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Google, other search engines, the title of the post in quotation marks, add a space followed with a plus-sign (+), add another space followed with my username in quotation marks. If that doesn't work, you can remove the quotation marks and try other keywords and combinations therein. Be creative and try many different search engines and different domain names. Also, feel free to host, mirror, copy, paste, download, steal, share, etc, any of my posts, videos, photos, memes, articles, links, anything that I publish, post, share, upload, etc.

The Future is Full of Surprises

Thank you for reading. Ask me questions. Send me feedback. This post is not finished. I can try to add more details and many different things relating to how to find me and other topics and subjects in future articles and posts and videos and everything else. I will try to update these posts, these series of articles, when I can and as soon and as often as I can. I mainly wanted to get out the general ideas of the philosophy behind how to find me or other things too. It is not just about me but also about finding as many different ways to find things online just in case, a backup plan as the future can always be full of surprises.