#HiveHustlers: Curation Trail & Community Delegation That Generates Payouts Daily

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We are very excited to announce even more news today. We've officially launched a curation trail & a delegation bot!

Curation Trail

A curation trail allows you to follow the @HiveHustlers account and vote whenever we vote - if we vote on a post and you're trailing us, you'll also vote!

This is an awesome way to build community interest and rewards for participating, as the HiveHustlers account vote value "essentially" increases (our personal vote doesn't increase, but the amount of people upvoting goes up, so votes are "larger" when they occur.

There are a few ways you can set up your trail voting -- we prefer to use Hive.vote to manage ours.

You can click this link to join our curation trail (if you're already logged in/have authorized Hive.vote to vote/manage your settings on your behalf.


Simply configure the settings the way you like (we recommend using somewhere between 50-100% of your upvote value with a "scaled" value - this means if we vote 10% of our power, and you're trailing @ 50% of your vote value, you would be voting at 5% of your effective power level.


After you join the curation trail, just sit back and relax. Every time we vote, you vote - so the rewards will start coming in!

Delegation Bot

Last night we launched our new delegation bot - now you can start generating $HUSTLER tokens daily by delegating some HivePower to the @HiveHustlers account! This serves a few purposes:

  1. Increasing the community account vote value, which incentivizes people to create and post more content under the #HiveHustlers community feed. We'll be manually voting people's posts daily, so be sure to post here - it's very important! If we don't see your post in the community feed, it will be much harder to give votes out.

  2. Builds community interest and membership - more people will begin to join the community!

  3. It provides another way for people to earn $HUSTLER tokens, without having to spend any money. It opens the gateway for more people to participate in our economy and community!

Payouts occur once daily at noon UTC as staked $HUSTLER tokens. The current ROI/payout rate is 0.325 $HUSTLER token per 1.0 hive power delegated / per day.


To delegate to the @HiveHustlers community visit our wallet directly and update your delegation, OR click the links:

Delegate 100HP
Delegate 250HP
Delegate 500HP
Delegate 1000HP
Delegate 2500HP
Delegate 5000HP
Delegate 10000HP

Of course, you can adjust to your own liking (there's no minimum or maximum delegation amounts, we appreciate every amount large and small!)

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You can grab a few here if you like to be eligible for this contest (they're currently 35% off during our "prelaunch" sale!

$HUSTLERM (miner token) @ 0.65 Hive/ea - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=HUSTLERM

$HUSTLER Token @ 0.00065 Hive/ea - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=HUSTLER

Join the #HiveHustlers Discord:



Just delegated some Hive Power to you guys!
Keep up the awesome work!

Cool, I will give it ago but I cant do the bot as i'm too new here so I don't have enough HP yet lol.

You will get there fast.

 4 years ago  

No worries at all! Being a part of the community is already awesome support - the curation trail serves as another way for you to ensure your votes are being used daily (and if set up properly, that you stay above 80% or higher at all times).

Delegation coming right up!!

 4 years ago  

Thank you @dkid14 - as always, your support is hugely appreciated!

This is exciting news on top of everything else going on in the #HiveHustlers community! I am already in on both so I hope many more will follow :)

Keep up the awesome work!! 😊🙌💜

 4 years ago  

Thanks @pixiepost -- you're awesome 😎

Awesome addition to the program. Do you have any idea what sort of ROI delegators can expect?

 4 years ago (edited) 

Thanks! Yes, great question, we forgot to mention that:

ROI is currently set to 0.325 $HUSTLER per 1.0 HP delegated - as people start getting payouts, we can adjust this if we feel that it's too low / not rewarding enough for our community members!

Cool, thanks!

done what I can for now

Definitely will check out the curation trail. Looking forward to learning more about this community.

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Great! I have no doubt that the community will grow a lot! At the moment I am not able to delegate, but I am doing my part promoting the draw (which I hope to win hahaha) and I bought more miners and I hope to get to buy more soon before the draw deadline.

I'm really looking forward to seeing HiveBay.io work. Success for you @nulledgh0st and team @hivehustlers.

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Fantastic stuff, awesome sauce. I am going to blog in a minute about all this :)

Awesome, I just delegated 100 HP, keep up your great work.

Seen this post because it was reblogged by @neopch. Will do this!