Tips To Becoming a Better Copywriter For Websites and Blogs

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Is your web copy working for you, or could it do a better job? Be honest. Are you getting the traffic conversion rate you were looking for or is it lacking? These tips on writing effective web copy could turn things around for you. It's also tips I am trying to use to become a better copywriter as well, even after doing this kind of work for years. There are always areas for opportunity.

One of the most common things you’ll find if you start looking at websites, is that they come in all different sizes, designs, shapes, colors, and fonts. So what does that say?

Well, it says that there isn’t one way that works. However, if you look a little closer, you will see that there is some common elements on those that are successful. So let’s have a look.

Give your visitors a warm welcome

You want your visitors to feel welcome when they land on your home page. Be up front – say “Welcome to ….”. First impressions are incredibly important in today's fast paced, tiny attention span kind of world.

Establish credibility

Your website or article posts need to establish that you are an excellent resource for the products/services that you offer. Tell them what it is you do and what you offer. Don't be afraid to 'toot your own horn' here. It's important to let them know quickly that you know what you are talking about... Again, most people in today's time have the attention span of a gold fish.

Help your visitor get orientated

Tell your visitor about your site, what they can find where, and always remember to answer the #1 question going through their head, “What’s in it for me?” For website designers, this is where a call to action section is important. Give your visitors some kind of direction to go that also lets them know what you are about.

Easy navigation

Nothing will have a visitor hitting the back button faster than a navigation system that is hard to follow or understand. So make sure when you are creating your website to keep it easy to navigate and find your way around. You want to keep them on your site as long as possible and one way to do this is to make your site easy to follow. This will create an environment that people will want to return to.

Contact information

It is important for your contact information to be readily available. If you don’t share your contact information there are legal ramifications, but it is also difficult for visitors to build any trust if they don’t know who you are or how to contact you.

Make it easy for the visitor to email you, or access live help. Yes, they can phone, but many people prefer email.

Privacy statement

Make sure that your visitors know what your privacy statement is. You can use a standardized one if there is nothing complicated about what you do. There are also programs available online that for a fee will help you create your privacy statement. People want to know that you are not selling their information and so you need to tell them what your policies are. This is more for sites that collect customer data. So if you have an ecommerce store or even a blog that you are collecting a customer's email, it's important to have a privacy statement... And admittedly is something that I forget to include allot of the time.


Too often this is completely forgotten. But to protect yourself it should really be on your home page. "Copyright (c) [insert year] [Insert Name of Your Business]. All Rights Reserved." If you have a website built on Wordpress, this comes standard in your footer. You can make adjustments to say what you want, but that line above is the most important part.

In Conclusion

Well that about sums it up. If you are creating web copy for a client, make sure that you utilize these simple tips to create copy that’s more appealing and engaging. There is nothing worse than going to a good looking site, but the copy is horrible and makes no since.

One thing you should really do is have someone that would be a customer to go over the copy with you to help you understand another person's point of view. This is something that I have struggled with as well. Just because it makes sense in your head, doesn't mean the public will know what you are talking about. Just something to keep in mind!

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I'm generally a decent marketing copy writer; my background is technical writing in the IT industry, and I also did a lot of ad copy, radio ad scripts and the like.

It's not what I enjoy writing... I'd much rather just be blogging!

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It is certainly not one of my favorite things, but have seen especially lately that it is extremely important to catch people's quickly diverting attention spans, lol.