I finally finished the new greenhouse for my cacti.

I couldn't wait to finish the greenhouse when I was already taking pictures of the cactus inside it, the truth is that I think the light looks great, so I invite you to join me in this experience.


It all started a few days ago, as you know I decided to reuse wood from used pallets, so I armed myself with patience and a lot of energy to finish the job.


I had to use the hammer and an old chisel that I found, I couldn't find the new one but the old one did the job well.


I had to be very careful with the boards I was separating, I didn't want to hurt myself with one of those rusty pins.




I decided to use this pallet even though I had previously removed some boards, but that wasn't a problem.




What I did have a problem with was the screws I used because they were longer than they should have been, I will replace them later with appropriate ones, for the moment I am interested in advancing in the construction of the greenhouse.


I have already put some boards that were needed, but I still need to finish closing all the spaces where a lot of wind can enter.



Time went on and it got dark, for the moment I have finished the structure, now I need some things to keep on working.


The next day I went to a sawmill to get some thin wood to hold the plastic.


I got the wood for free, some were this size, the others were a little shorter but still worked for me.


By the way, this metal table will also be another greenhouse.


When I was about to start working I got a migraine and was like that for almost two days, so the work had to stop, today I felt better and started working on protecting the corners with cardboard to prevent the plastic from getting damaged.


I honestly think the plastic was looser than it should be, but I can't complain, it's the best I could do on my own.



This is why I need thin wood, to hold the plastic.



When I finished putting up the plastic it was necessary to see how my cacti would look inside the greenhouse, it stopped being windy so I didn't worry about securing the plastic with the wood, it was time to observe the light inside the greenhouse and how the plants would look in my photographs.







That's where the window goes and on the top I will probably put artificial light for when I need to give more light time to my cacti.



I finished securing the plastic with the wood and again it got dark, to make things quick and simple, I put black plastic on the base, that way no excess wind will come in from the bottom, I made some holes in the plastic so that when I water the plants the excess water can come out.


If you are wondering, according to my math I should be able to fit more than 130 pots inside the greenhouse, tomorrow when I decide where I am going to put it I will probably start moving some grafts inside the new greenhouse, although I am not sure yet, many growers have recommended me to put shade netting with 50% shade, I have to observe the greenhouse for a few days before I do something that could damage the plants, I will let you know how it goes, see you later.


Great work on making the greenhouse, the light in it does look good.
The times I dismantled pallets to make furniture.
I still have my coffee table made from them. It moved several countries too hahaha 🤣
Sorry to hear about the migraine.
Hope you are feeling better.
Have a nice Friday 👋🏻😊

Thanks, I'm already better from the migraine I just need to stay out of the sun, and regarding the greenhouse I really think the light is amazing, in the week I will share some pictures, I hope your weekend was great.

That’s good to hear @monster-one 😊
Yep, the sun is bad when having a headache or migraine… I know.
Looking forward to more photos, cool 😎
Thanks a lot, the weekend was great hope yours too.
Enjoy the new week and have fun!

Que bueno que te animaste hacerlo! Te quedó excelente!. Buen trabajo ✔️💯💪🏻😎...

Muchas gracias.

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