What I got at the Succulent Society show and aftercare for the plants

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There were a lot of interesting caudex plants at the show so I got more of my favourite Medusoid euphorbias and some other caudiciforms. The one below is Euphorbia flanaganii with very unusual flowers, although this is known as a highly variable species. The roots were growing out of the bottom of the pot so I put it into a larger container. I haven't watered it yet, I'm leaving it to get used to the new environment

Euphorbia flanaganii.jpg

Euphorbia clavaroides. I repotted this one because it seemed to be growing in a very organic mix, never a good thing for Euphorbia. I left it out the pot for a few days to dry out before I potted it into more suitable soil. I'll start watering it in about 2 weeks from now. This is a local species so it can mange to grow outside and I will try and put it in my garden at some stage.

Euphorbia clavaroides.jpg

Baby Euphorbia caput-medusae, grown from seed. This has been on my want-list for quite a while. It comes from a specialist nursery and for now I won't repot it. It comes from a winter rainfall area so it will have to stay in a pot and be kept dry in summer.


Adenia fruticosa is another plant that I have been looking for, with a funky green caudex. I want to ultimately plant this in my garden in a sheltered spot. Adenia are poisonous and related to Passion flowers although they are also used in traditional medicine here. I repotted it to put it into a container that it can stay in for a year or two while it acclimates to my garden and then I'll plant it in the ground.

Adenia fruticosa.jpg

Pachypodium saundersii aka Kudu lily is also one that I'd like to try in the garden. I already have one but I hope that with 2, they will start to produce seed. It will take another 2 years before it flowers and this plant is exactly the reason why you should always quarantine plants after you buy them. If you look closely at the top, you'll see that it has a scale infestation that I had to spray with insecticide. It had also been repotted recently in a pot that's too small but the roots are not yet active so I put it into a larger pot. It's still dormant but about to start waking up so it doesn't need watering yet. Caudiciforms don't like having their roots disturbed so I won't water this for a while either

Pachypodium saundersii.jpg

Below is Graptopetalum filiferum, about to make a flower. The white residue on the leaves make me think that it was recently treated with insecticide of fungicide and it seems happy and well-rooted in its pot so I left it alone.

Graptopetalum filiferum.jpg

This is a Rebutia, one of my favourite types of small clumping cactus. When I looked at the roots, I saw that it had recently been repotted and didn't have any new root growth yet so I repotted it and hopefully it gets going soon.

Rebutia .jpg

Finally, I bought a couple of cuttings. These are usually cheaper that rooted plants and will take a little while to establish themselves but at least you know you are buying plants without root pests. Clockwise from left: Cryptocereus - aka ZigZag cactus, Ceropegia distincta, Ceropegia radicans that's already sprouting and Orbea melanantha.

ceropegia orbea epiphyllum.jpg

Finally, I got a yellow flowered form of Aloe arborescens And a Caralluma speciosa stem. I won't plant these yet, just leave them in a cool spot until they start making roots. This will probably take a few weeks but as long as the plants aren't left in the sun they will be fine. Putting them in wet soil when they don't have roots will make them rot.

arborescens caralluma.jpg

Although succulents generally don't like having their roots disturbed, if they are repotted carefully and left in a cool place to recover before you water them for the first time, it's always a good idea to repot plants when you buy them to find out what state they are in.


Great shopping!
Excellent growth and flowering to them!

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

 2 months ago  

Thanks @ackhoo and @qurator!

Wow looks like a great show. You got way more than I remembered 🙂 I have so little experience with succulents. Your repeated comments about not watering when repotting were so unexpected. I'm used to plants like trees that immediately need water. The euphorbia flanaganii is my favorite with the unusual but beautiful flowers. I hope you have good luck with the cuttings 👍

 2 months ago  

Thanks! Watering with succulents is tricky and counterintuitive in some ways

My first time to know this community..thanks to your post..am a succulent lover too 😊..

 2 months ago  

Show us your plants! We don't get tired of looking

At home.. Im working abroad so I can't show them to you haha..I bought a succulent for my room before but eventually died for some reason..

 2 months ago  


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I love the kudu lily. When I lived in Imfolozi we had a massive one growing outside the back door. When it flowered it was a real show stopper. Such a special succulent

 2 months ago  

They are! I love the different shapes that they make, no two plants are ever alike. The flowers are pollinated by moths

Beautiful specimens, the Euphorbia flanaganii I have is in mineral mix and direct to the sun and rain, it is growing huge and although at first I was afraid, the truth is that it adapted well to the weather where I am, in fact today I saw a crested one but they were selling it very expensive.

Pachypodium saundersii is one of the plants that I didn't knew about until today.

I am going to look for Graptopetalum filiferum, I like its shape and it is likely that I will find it in my city, Thank you for sharing your beautiful plants.

Oh, and I absolutely adore your collection!
I love growing Cacti!! I need to add much more to my collection, there are so many beautiful varieties!!

I love medusoid euphorbias because of their hardiness and their unique appearance. They are a beautiful plant that can brighten up any landscape, and I am always impressed by their ability to thrive in tough conditions.

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