Kindness Matters: Olympic Volunteer receives a Free Trip to 🇯🇲 Jamaica

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Hello Hivers,

If you are a frequent user of social media, or you have been following my posts here, you would have read or heard about the Olympic volunteer who helped Jamaican Hansel Parchment 100m hurdles gold medalist when he took the wrong bus and ended up at a different venue for his race. She helped him by giving him money to take a taxi to the correct venue.Through her help he later went on to win the gold medal 🥇 in his event and he went back to thank her, give her a Jamaican Tshirt, return the money and show her the gold medal.

Kindness Continues
Well a few days ago, I was blessed to attend an online appreciation event hosted by the Jamaican Embassy in Japan. Olympic volunteer, Tijana Kawashima Stajkovic, was present and Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism (The Honorable Edmund Bartlette) announced a gift 🎁 of a trip to Jamaica 🇯🇲 in appreciation for her kindness and generosity. Several members of the Japanese media were present at the event which was streemed live on Facebook and zoom. Since Parchment posted this story on social media, Tijana’s Instagram page has grown to over 100K followers.

If it’s in your power to be kind to someone this coming week.Do it. Truly, kindness matters.

Here is a video of the event hosted by the Jamaican 🇯🇲 Embassy in Tokyo 🇯🇵

Be kind, stay safe.


This is a heartwarming story, a free trip is a pretty fair thing considering the amount of international face this person saved.

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Agreed. I’m sure when she helped him she expected nothing in return but a gift 🎁 of this kind is a fitting response on the part of the JTB. Hansel also did well in finding her and expressing his gratitude 🙏

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I've learned from my parents, grandmother and the church that kindness will be rewarded, so be kind. It may not be by the same person you've helped, but it'll come from unexpected places/people.

Really heartwarming story.

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Thank God for parents, grandparents, the church and everything/everyone around us that reinforces this important life lesson. Respect you and your household @tanjakolader