Dash Out Sundays: Share your Sunday Dinner Pics and WIN!!!

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Jerk chicken burger I made over the weekend at a friends house. It was too good.

Welcome to the Dash Out Sunday Contest.

Dash out means to show or throw out 😀

In Jamaican and Caribbean culture, Sunday dinner is the most looked forward to and probably the most extravagant of the week. (Hmmm, but that’s probably Sunday dinner in any country right?) Dishes such as stew chicken with rice and peas, curry goat, oxtail just to name a few,delight many after their church service. ( well, those who do go to church).

With this simple contest I'd like to invite Hivians from all corners of the block to share a pic of their Sunday or Saturday dinner with us in the @reggaejahm community. It doesn't have to be Jamaican or Caribbean food but just made by you or a family member with love. Food brings the people together and while we can't physically taste what the food is like, we can see it and imagine.

Through this contest I hope to get a little more engagement within the community and also attract those outside of the community to Reggaejahm.



  • Post a pic of your Sunday or Saturday dinner in the comments below. Original photos only. They are watching👹.

  • If you bought food you can post a pic and get some votes but it won’t stand a chance of winning. The dinner must be prepared by you or a loved one to be eligible to win.

  • Tell us a little about the dish in a few sentences and anything else you'd like to add.

  • Reblog and upvote this post.

  • Subscribe to the ReggaeJahm community if you haven't already.

Feel free to make a comeplete post about your “Dash out Sunday” dinner in the Reggaejahm community or on ReggaeSteem.io. You can also use the tag #jahm from any HIVE Interface. Making a post is not mandatory.



There will only be one winner, and they will get 75% of the liquid HIVE/HBD earnings on this post. The other 25% will go to the @reggaejahm account as a beneficiary. The winner will also receive ✨750 JAHM✨.

Upvotes will be given to participants based on the community, AKA please vote other peoples’ dinner pics 😂 . I’ll also be giving out some JAHM Up votes and using the @reggaejahm account to give some HIVE votes.

*Contest ends in 3 days Japan time, but the winner will be announced when this post pays out.The winner will be chosen by me based on food presentation and 😋 yum factor.

Good luck! And let’s “Dash Out” those dinners!

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Pork chop with potatoes and pickled cucumber. Often served at home. It is best served with bone and fried in lard. I forgot to give a spicy onion. If you are in Poland, be sure to order pork chops or visit me. After such a meal I can sit down to vodka😀

Looks good and healthy and I’m glad there is no rice 😂 mmm vodka . I just had some 🥃 whisky.

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Lol looks like you won dude! 😂

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My bro to the rescue !!!! Thanks man! 🙏

This Sunday was very rushed, so not only did we not get to make an Ital recipe post, we barely had time for a few photos of the delicious Ital food Queen @Sreypov prepared.

I will take part in this again in the future and make a proper post, but wanted to share what we had in the comments this time around. What you see are basically the Cambodian version of savory crepes.


We make them with besan and flour, stuff them full of fresh veggies, put a tamarind sauce on top, then it's ready for eating.

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Thanks for posting up man. Yeah I'd really like this initiative to take off . Will try my best keep it up.

Just a pic alone will do too with this initiative. Don't even have to make a post but I know you skilled with the layout .

Ital crepes, with tamarind. That sound good. I really hope one day you guys can start up the ital restaurant again. You guys seem to have some tasty stuff!!

Delicious!😋 I see many good fresh food!😍😍

Great idea. Eating is relaxing and today I will show you a typical Polish Sunday dish.

Thanks bro! Looking forward to it man 😋

To bad I haven't been cooking lately, been so busy working. This contest would of been perfect for me.

Can still dash out the restaurant food for some votes bredda. 😏

Nah it gotta be authentic.