New Era Kingston Part 3: AtaClaps

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All was going well in the land of wood and water. Besides not being able to dodge the taxes, transacting became much easier. Bills could be paid right from phones, payment for work received instantly and remittances no longer required waiting in long lines. Even extortion took on an entirely different face. Dons started companies with linked Jam-Dex wallets in which they received extortion money via their goons who targeted various businesses with their "security guard services".

It was interesting to see the elders and digital reluctant switch over to the new currency, well, they had no choice if they wanted to transact. But it all seemed so normal like it was here all along. A stroll through the market or a ride on the bus no longer had those wads of cash waving conductors and sellers. I kind of missed how skillfully they waved around their money, gave back change and held it neatly folded between their fingers in the shape of a Japanese sensu fan. Those were the good old days.

For a moment Jamaica actually felt safe; murders and robberies were down 89% since the reset of the currency to digital. Domestic violence on the other hand increased dramatically by a whopping 60%. You might be wondering why, well let's just say a digital ledger can't be thrown away like a receipt. Yes I, things were a bit quiet on the criminal front. Not at all what people were expecting. What were they expecting? Kidnappings, looting and shooting. But it seems the gangs kicked it up a notch in terms of their organization and technological approach. Shit, I would even say they were way ahead of the curve when it comes onto the technology. Remember that shipment Choppa Bling ordered from Taiwan with the brinks money? well, it wasn't to buy guns, planes, cars or tankers.



Location: Kingston, St. Andrew, Norbrook. Code name "The Mansion"



"So tell me how it work?"

"We created a script that found a backdoor to the Jam-Dex main servers and the Bank of Jamaica interface, we can bypass the multisig and basically do anything we want with Jam-dex"

"He He Hae! Yes I, so the super computer and custom AI software was worth the Billion dollar."

"More than worth it Choppa! You literally have control of the banks and with the API hunter, access to all public cameras and backdoors to all smartphone devices, we can see and hear everything in real time!"


"Bomboclaat is right! Anytime you ready to broadcast Choppa, once you live, we shut off "JAM-DEX" and replace it with "GE". From there, everything will be in our full control from this computer and the back ups in Miami, the UK, Japan and Zimbabwe will start downloading all the data and bouncing the location across various VPN bots so it can't be traced to the mansion."

"Now mi see why me pay yuh so much. Alright, me a give the message live at 5:00 PM tonight, every smartphone every TV in Jamaica, mek sure mi voice chnage up and use the anonymous figure we talked about.

"Gee-ed UP! Nuh say a word Choppa"


Friday, June 28th.2030 ( 5:00 PM )



"Greetings dwellers of Jamrock, I go by the name of Kuntanimus and I represent the new era of true freedom of Jamaica. For far too long we have lived at the whims of greedy politicians and stifling taxation. They used us to commit their dirty work and then disposed of us like shit. They used their contacts to favor their own blood while watching ours spill senselessly by the blades and bullets of poverty. Today we say no more, today we take back control and create the Jamaica we all dream of. We do this first by taking control of the government and putting all decision making in the hands of the people. Every issue will be voted on by you on the blockchain on a decentralized social media called JAHMAICA. For those of you without jobs, you can post on the social media site and do tasks to earn the new currency of Jamaica called GEE. We have taken the most powerful asset the bigger heads had over us away from them, JAM DEX, the digital spy money has been replaced by GEE. Take a moment to look in your wallet, the name of the APP as well as the currency has changed. Gee is now the official currency of Jamaica and shall be accepted by those who wish to transact. All your JAMDEX is now GEE.

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"I know this seems like something out of a Hollywood movie but it is indeed reality. We are giving back the power to the people and taking it away from the politicians. Mr Prime Minister and all your party members and opposition, if you look in your wallets and bank accounts you will realize you don't have a cent to your name. Now you will know how the average Jamaican feels living pay check to pay check."


Hataclaps: A time of crisis, trouble or severe consequences.

Ataclaps: The crisis is so severe there is no time to say the "H".

  • Now just imagine the shock the nation had at this broadcast? What was more intriguing to the people was the fact that the politicians which they loved and hated so much were now getting the full brunt of karma. Many people had dreamt of this day, but no one thought it would actually come true. What was on my mind? How the FUCK did the criminals get so smart.



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I just wish to wake up someday and see that the power has been snatched away from the hands of wicked politicians

 9 months ago  

I strongly believe we will see it in some form or the other the years ahead.

very entertaining your pots