3 years ago  

I like how Skillie try a ting with the conscious. He isn't the best artiste but drop tune after tune and has the character.

 3 years ago  

True,true...di Heart/God side brings out the "true colors" ❤️
He don't have to be a born Sizzla...
I really like the tune, it got a balance, the warrior side says "dem pussy dem" in the beginning still...🤣 ...gotta luv it 😉...and then it's all Jah...

Thanks for this, we need more conscious music right now, that is all I want to listen to xxx

 3 years ago  

Babylon must fall! 😉
Amazing one man band...Mike Love...thanks for this one!

 3 years ago  

You heard Fr33Sol ?! Not Reggae...but very conscious..😉

No I hadn't thank you for this, one of my favorite things is discovering new artists, this is 🔥
Here is another one for you x

 3 years ago  

Fire, nice😉 💪...beat,lyrics...nice!
Give thanx...we should DJ together😜

Smooth I love the piano

 3 years ago  

4 real...flowing right through...🎹

Conscious tune, good to see some artists choose this path even if it's not their typical genre.

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 2 years ago  

True,true...this is what "cool 2 be conscious" is all about...building a new bridge 😉