Through the street./Por medio de la calle.

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Through the street, it is a project that I managed to carry out with Absolute Laboratory, a street scene research group with which I have the pleasure of accompanying from the beginning in the writing of the project.

Por medio de la calle, es un proyecto que logré realizar con Laboratorio Absoluto, grupo de investigación escénica callejera con el cual tengo el placer de acompañar desde sus comienzos en la redacción del proyecto.


On this occasion, we carried out an intervention in the Caracas subway, specifically in Plaza Venezuela, where people from circus, theater, contemporary dance, ballet, hip hop and my person who represents the audiovisual part managed to participate.

En esta oportunidad realizamos una intervención en el metro de Caracas, específicamente en Plaza Venezuela, donde lograron participar, personas de circo, teatro, danza Comtemporanea, ballet, hip hopp y mi persona que representa la parte audiovisual.


This was the first action we did at street level, we were very nervous but with a lot of energy, as a cameraman I had to be very careful to try to record everything without losing anything, since all the action was live and what happened would not return to happen, but thank God everything was achieved, and the best of all is that I was able to make an Intro of each character, which represent different aspects of our daily life, a great detail that made this beautiful material stand out a lot, I hope you can enjoy of this material.

Esta fue la primera acción que realizamos a nivel de calle, estábamos muy nervioso pero con mucha energía, yo como camarógrafo tenía que estar muy atento de intentar grabar todo sin perder nada, ya que todo la acción era en vivo y lo que pasaba no volvería a ocurrir, pero gracias a Dios todo se logró, y lo mejor de todo es que pude hacer un Intro de cada personaje, los cuales representan diferentes aspectos de nuestra cotidianidad, un gran detalle que hizo resaltar mucho este hermoso material, espero que puedan disfrutar de este material.



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Muchas gracias por pasar, que bueno que les gustó.

Very interesting visuals and expressions. So this was a school project? You guys must have had some good fun doing this.

Let's say it is not a school project, it is an author, but I confess that if we were amused, many of those images represent part of my Venezuelan culture, good that you found it interesting, thank you for viewing this post.

This is incredible, and most impressive you got all of the footage you needed in one walkthrough. That surely took a lot of planning and brainstorming.

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Yes, at the dance level they had several days of planning, however I had to plan instantly, however it was achieved, a challenge achieved, I am very happy about it, thank you for appreciating this post.

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Wow, thank you for bringing us with you on your artistic journey. I really appreciate the visual and theater arts. Looking at your video really makes me realize how much I miss dancing.

How is the theater scene in Venezuela? I mean before 2020, because I would imagine most theaters being closed at the moment. Here in Suriname most shows had to be canceled and even the dance schools are closed, which is really a bummer.

It is good that you like this material, it is a very interesting work on the part of this whole group.

Theater and dance were very active, people were developing their projects, as you know theater and dance connect a lot, most of the events they plan all come together to create, of course also the circus crowd, the truth is that they are very united, right now they are making every effort to be able to return to the stage, however the government does not take art into account at the moment, but as one is a warrior, it is not left like that we always look for a way A video in this community showing the last artistic event where I participated, has to do with the theater.

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Yes, even in Suriname art is not really on the agenda or very low of the government. No state owned or subsidized ballet, theater groups, opera or whatever. Everyone's doing their "own" thing here and the artists work together on some level, but not enough.

There is a Ministry that's responsible for culture and with it art, but this office has a small budget.

Keep on excelling with your group of artists 😊.

Comprendo totalmente, aqui es gobierno hizo lo mismo, y sin embargo como usted dice, aqui tambien hay varios gripos de trabajo, seria muy interesante poder hacer fusion artistica entre Suriname y Venezuela, ustedes graban algo yo los apoyo en la edicion dede aquí, y por supuesto, hay que seguir haciendo lo que nos gusta.

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A fusion between Suriname and Venezuela would be great...
And yes, we should continue to do what we do and whether or not it'll be noticed or picked up by the government is besides the point, as long as we enjoy what we do and hopefully create impact where we can.

Enjoy the weekend 😊.