JAHMin' Posts Of The Week [NOV 7th - Nov 14th, 2021] A Family takes Flight To New But Familiar Beginnings, Natural Mystic Photography, Amy WineHouse In Reggae Style, A Positive Smile From A new JAHMer , JAHMN ON The Moon & Peppers .

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A November to remember! Blessings Reggaejahmerz and all HIVianz. HIVE fest is going down and I am catching the reruns on Youtube. Next year I hope to be there in living color. Heard some interesting things while up half awake at 2:30 AM for day 2. The Hive sign up and log in process is about to get a lot easier and DApps will have an easy time building and scaling on HIVE with a protocol called HAF. Be sure to check it out here.


This week in the JAHMIN Session, perhaps the most loved family on HIVE takes flight to new but familiar beginnings, a natural mystic photo of the sun-rays through the leaves which gives you the presence of the creator, remixes of Amy Winhouse's hits done in Reggae dub-style for 2021, a new JAHMER shows us his smile and gives us some uplifting words, a JAHM-IST on the moon takes his first step and peppers growing in the garden, all in the JAHMIN Session.

     You don't need to be in the Caribbean or from it to post in our community. From Ital food to reggae music, Caribbean news and much more is welcome in our community. To learn more about our tags/cultural initiatives, see the following posts: Dashout Sunday, APART, and RJNAS.

     Every week I'll select a 10% beneficiary for this post, and this week I chose @roninrelax as he is a constant JAHMER, motivating the community, burning JAHM and giving a sense of hope through his visions. He asl has an interesting series of art that are quite original and crypto-centric. Bless Up!.

In no particular order, Lets Get JAHMIN!


Motivate Yourself with Words Of Devine! Peace, Love, Wealth, Happiness Abundance & Joy. Fill Your Mind With Success.

Reggaesta Dubs Amy Winehouse (2021) Selection by @andy4475 .

Stay tuned for more JAHMIN Posts Of The Week...


Question Of the Week

What Business Would Start If You Found Yourself with $50,000 To Invest?

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Many thanks for featuring me, much appreciated indeed √


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Damn ! Bro, you really keep up with the tipping coins. Never heard of PGM before. Blessings!

HaHaHa 😎


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Greetings ReggaeJahmers,
Loving the forward movement taking place in the community. Blessings to all.
50,000 sounds like it could be put away in an education fund for the kids. I guess buying and holding Hive until it's time for them to go to university would be an option as well.By that time I suspect it could at least double.

 2 years ago  

Blessings bro! 50,000 towards education sounds like a good plan. I would just make sure to spend it on fields that make sense like cyber security, AI management, digital finance etc, no literature or language course LOL.

At this point in time, investing in HIVE makes sense as you could delegate it out to various projects and earn passive income. A physical business now is a headache unless you operate online and even then. But still, all eggs in one basket might be messy if the one basket drops. HBD APY is very good, I was looking where to put some yen to earn decent interest, it does not exist.

 2 years ago  

Really liking how you end the selection of the week with a question @dmilliz 😁. It's a nice way to stimulate engagement and helps us stand still and think about certain topics.

Hmmmm.... I don't know much about starting a business, but if I ever were to start one it would be a passion project, to help educate/inform and coach others in developing or refining their soft skills.

 2 years ago  

The good thing about that idea is that it could be done online. In these times it seems it is best to avoid brick and mortar as uncertainty looms. Unless you have a really solid business idea that needs a physical store. With these questions there is some much that can be done, vlogs, blogs and they can be tagged to many front ends. Thanks for the ENGAGE!

*Hope I did that right. LOL

 2 years ago  

That's indeed so, enough ways to set up them up.

It's done like this 😅:

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Encantadora seleccion musica felicidades a los participantes saludos!