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What's up Reggaejahm community! Joël here, but some of you might know me better as @rarej. Over the past year I've been learning more and more about the technical inner workings of the Hive platform and along with that the way the Reggaejahm Website operates and functions. @dmilliz ask me a little more than a year ago if I could implement ads into the website. So I agreed, and slowly, very slowly, we got the ball rolling.

It took a while, but with some perseverance, and lots of help from scott bot ninja @eonwarped, the ads are now live on the website.


They have been for a while now, ever since somewhere in December. The purpose of these ads is to use the revenue to give a boost to the JAHM token economy. So if you visit the page, be sure to click on a few of them from time to time.

So What's Next for

That's a question for all of us here in the community. Where do you want to go? What should it look like? What do you like? What might need some tweaking? Head over to the website, log in, check it out and let me know what suggestions you have.

For now my main focus and next move will be to apply some JAHMMING style to the site. This means giving another besides the bland white and adding a theme with appropriate IRIE colors and other possible features to give users that Caribbean vibe when they use the interface. This seems like a easy place to start and may take a few months to finish. So off I go into my dark room with only my laptop, coffee and snacks. Until the next update!


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Hello friends, hola @rarej
Congratulations for this achievement of learning Programming, I know very well that it is not easy, and much less if it is self-taught.
It's great this progress, what I feel is missing is more promotion to the community, and all those people who are content creators can have a place in Reggaejahm, we all take pictures, we all like music.
I believe that growth is happening, with patience and vision for the future great things can be achieved, I know for sure.
I will continue here. Greetings, and again congratulations.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, indeed. Reggaejahm has always been growing, but sometimes very slowly. Promotion can help with that. As long as we keep the same energy and enthusiasm we will become greater and greater as a community.

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@rarej(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

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Thanks for your hard work Joel @rarej

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I do what I can, when I can. But in the end we all contribute in our own way to building up the community.

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😃Sounds awesome. I’ll check the website out.

Awesome keep up the great work and the great music!

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Great work . Keep it jahming!