Hive Sports news and 20 GLX Giveaway, ends Wednesday, 6th December EST.

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Hive Sports news and 20 GLX Giveaway, ends Wednesday, 6th December EST.

Hive Sports News

8-Bit Packs Sale and Rulebook Draft

Rise of the Pixels pack sales is going live on Dec 12th.

Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - December 4th, 2023!

Rebellion will be live today.

Missing a Hive game update here?

Suggest the game account name.

Giveaway Section

Welcome friends, to my GLX giveaway of today for 20 GLX.

To enter into Giveaway comment below the post and your entry will be registered. The winner will be picked using Hive Comment Picker and announced on the 7th December, Thursday post. Make sure to do your entries before Wednesday, 6th November 23:59:59 EST.

PS: If Hive Comment picker is not working, Hive fortune ( ) or will be used. I will manually remove the bot's account and in case nobody comments then the prize will roll over to the next day's giveaway.

Winner Announcement:

Giveaway post link

@subidu, 20 GLX are sent to you.
Transaction Hash :

Notification list.

If you want to be notified then please ask in the comment for Notification. I will add you.
@Supriya.gupta , @guurry123 ,@preciouz-01 , @imfarhad ,@mayorkeys

If you like to play.

You can log in to the game here but currently, the game is in the development phase and a playable version will be launched soon.

GLX token stats.

Total Supply: 258,516,413
Total Liquid: 93,923,266
Total Staked: 164,593,147
GLX Price: $0.003
All of these above stats are taken from the game website.

Why I am bullish on GLX?

Major sports leagues already signed some of the big names like Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets and there are talks of signing other big players. If Genesis League is able to mint the NFT of these players(that does have feasibility), the game will get international exposure as well it can skyrocket.

You can read my detailed thinking here

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